Learn how your company can improve the economics, availability and responsiveness of its systems using real-time data.
Nick Connolly
Software-Defined Storage Pioneer Awarded Patent for Its Data Protection Architecture
DataCore has recently been awarded a patent for stream architecture for data representation which enables unique capabilities in our software-defined storage (SDS) and hyperconverged solutions,…
Guest Blogger
Business Continuity Challenges: Reduce Your System Downtime and Improve Performance
Data Availability Is Everything It’s no secret. 100% availability from an enterprise storage infrastructure is non-negotiable. Your customers demand it. The company’s executive team expects…
Robert Bassett
If I Use NVMe, Why Do I Still Need Parallel I/O?
NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is one of the current technology industry darlings. At a high level, NVMe is a protocol for accessing high-speed storage that…
George Teixeira
Real-Time Data: The Key to Digital Transformation
Companies today are overwhelmingly embracing digital transformation as one of their key strategic priorities.  Every single CIO, regardless of industry, company size, or geography, is undergoing some…
Alexander Best
Untold Secrets about File System Defragmentation in Software-Defined Storage Environments
“There is no Spoon” – Neo, The Matrix So what is file system defragmentation, in software-defined storage (SDS) environments? The idea of file system defragmentation…
Garry Carpenter
Damage Limitation for Cyber-Attacks Achieved through Business Continuity offered by Software- Defined Storage:
Three months ago in a candid interview with The Guardian newspaper, Ciaran Martin, head of the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre, warned of an imminent…