Senior Devops Engineer

R&D - Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


We are looking for DevOps Engineers to work on building, operating, and scaling next generation products in the arenas of Big Data, Data Warehousing, and end user Business Intelligence.


Key responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Own the building, administering, maintaining, monitoring, and scaling a platform, supporting analytics, reporting, and other data-driven functionality across the organization
  • Pipeline development in support of automating CI/CD
  • Developing and embedding metrics in applications and environments to support multiple development and support teams’ visibility into environment/product health


Skills and experience required :

Essential Skills :

  • Degree in computer science, software engineering, Information Technology or equivalent related experience
  • Minimum experience of 5 years 
  • Deep knowledge of CI/CD and/or DevOps type roles
  • Total understanding of SaaS and Cloud hosting of software development activities
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and Microsoft Azure Devops. Azure Certification is preferred.
  • Experience with variety of logging/visualization management tools (ELK, Grafana, etc.)
  • Experience with administering / monitoring infrastructure on bare metal, private/public cloud or hybrids (e.g. Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Open Stack, VM’s, etc)
  • Understanding Identity and Access Management in cloud environments
  • Hands-on experience on developing scripts to automate tasks (e.g. azurecli, powershell, yaml)
  • Experience with containerization and related technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with system administration on both Linux and Windows
  • In-depth knowledge on the latest security principles, techniques, and protocols
  • Experience with data, systems and network security
  • Comfortable working on a team of people with diverse viewpoints and background.

Preferred Skills :

  • Experience with various database and storage systems (e.g. HDFS, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch)
  • Hands-on experience with Cloud-Based Log Management and Anomaly Detection tools (e.g. Sumologic, Loggly)
  • Familiar with Cyber security and data privacy principles and regulations (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, FDA, MDD etc.)
  • Experience with data management, backup and data recovery
  • Experience with variety of pipeline creations tools (TeamCity, Concourse, etc.)
  • Experience with variety configuration management tools (e.g. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Bosh)

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