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 Our Vision:

 Our vision is to improve the performance and possibility of every business with real-time data. DataCore bridges the gap between the enterprise’s need to achieve real-time business and to leverage current and future IT assets to maximize resource utilization. We pioneered software-defined storage. Our patented technology overcomes I/O bottlenecks, delivering dramatic performance improvements, and delivers high availability in a very simple and cost-effective way. Over 10,000 deployments have the advantage of using DataCore.

  • Faster workloads: Up to 5X increase in performance
  • High availability: up to 100% reduction in storage-related downtime
  • Lower TCO: up to 25% reduction in storage investment





We are looking for Release Manager to help lead the delivery of DataCore‘s software solutions that supports organization strategy and vision, ensuring alignment between the technical solutions and the business needs. As a leader in the development organization this person will be responsible building a culture that inspires technical experimentation and empowers our engineering teams to make sound technical and architectural decisions.

As a Release Manager, you are core to the culture and productivity of the team. The ideal candidate will be able to gracefully balance schedule needs with creative imperatives, pushing for quality and innovation, while managing a sustainable release process. Executing on a project’s vision takes many traits, but above all stand teamwork, leadership and a dedication to excellence. Coordinating the efforts of a large project team is a big responsibility; the Release Manager needs to be both focused and agile in navigating the complexities of the development cycle.

We operate in agile development environments, affording you a multidisciplinary interaction as well incremental feedback to provide the greatest value in our products. You will have an opportunity to make a difference and grow your skills and experience.


 Key responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:


  • Creates, leads and coordinate the defining milestones for releases.
  • Manage risks and lead the resolution of issues that affect release scope, schedule, and quality
  • Works collaboratively with the others to document and communicate all changes for technology releases
  • Release planning and execution; to include coordination and communication during and after deployment
  • Improves build and release procedures, manage dependencies, and communicates to appropriate stakeholders
  • Experience in Automation testing and software implementation activities
  • Provide project management and technical leadership for software product development
  • Prepare plans inclusive of research, development, design, evaluation, testing along with delivery to product management
  • Establishes software development standards and processes along with best practices for delivery of scalable and high quality software.
  • Learn and display as how products would add value to respective business.
  • Involve in strategic plans to accomplish technical as well as business with leadership chain, team and with customers.
  • Manage and execute software development projects from beginning to finish.
  • Manage relationships and coordinate work between multiple teams
  • Evangelize the value proposition of the DataCore Software stack to broad technical and business audiences.




 Skills and experience desired:

  •  5-7+ years of experience in software development
  • 2-5+ years experience managing and delivering enterprise class systems
  • Experience in JIRA, CI CD tools (Team City/Jenkins), GitHub
  • Prior experience with agile development, continuous delivery, and DevOps
  • Proficiency in the Agile development life cycle like Kanban and Scrum methodologies
  • Flexibility and creativity in solution design - including leveraging emerging technologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to clearly explain and justify ideas when faced with competing alternatives 
  • Ability to communicate and apply common architectural design patterns across a wide range of technical problems
  • Strong understanding of infrastructure and related technologies (hardware, virtualization, storage, networking)
  • Ability to work across multiple technology stacks (.NET, C, C++, Python, etc.) and delivery models (SaaS, Hybrid Cloud, On Premise, etc.)
  • Excellent technical problem-solving skills
  • Experience driving positive change in the team via process improvement
  • Ability to be a leader within the team as well as someone who is able to represent the team within the company
  • Ability to cultivate collaboration
  • Strongly adept at handling ambiguity. Ability to use your instincts, experiences, and team to identify, assess, and solve problems quickly and frequently.
  • Proven track record of delivering scalable, efficient and reliable software services
  • Phenomenal attention to detail and excellent project management skills.
  • Exceptional project management and organizational skills. You never let anything fall through the cracks. You are clear, concise, and specific. You understand, track, and ensure that release data is 100% accurate.
  • Understand technical risks / issues and assists with options to resolve / mitigate
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field

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