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vFilO Hands-on Lab

Experience first-hand the many capabilities of vFilO file and object storage virtualization from your own private lab.

You configure it. You control it.

And if you need a little direction, self-service tips show you the way, as you:

  • See how easy it is to pool NAS, file servers & object storage under a single global share
  • Explore the magic of automated data mobility as it migrates files to the most appropriate storage
  • Set up preferences for automated cloud archival and retrieval for old files
  • Decommission a file server and relocate its contents among other volumes without disruption
  • Lab time: 90 minutes (all to yourself)
  • Don’t worry about breaking anything, the lab is deleted when you’re done
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vfilo hands-on lab diagram
Files are automatically load balanced across different storage resources

vfilo archive objective screenshot
Set objectives for automatic data migration to the Cloud