Download a Trial of DataCore SDS

30-Day Non-Production Use Evaluation Software

Install a simple, fully-functioning sandbox environment in less than an hour.

Trial Prerequisites

The ESXi or Hyper-V server where the 4 virtual machines will be deployed requires:

  • Minimum of 12 GB of free memory
  • Minimum of 170 GB of free disk space

The PowerShell script downloaded after registration must run on a Windows Server or Windows 10 host with:

  • For Hyper-V: Hyper-V enabled and Windows PowerShell
  • For ESXi: Network access to the ESXi server and VMware PowerCLI
  • Internet access to download the VM templates
  • Local administrator privileges
  • Minimum of 40 GB of free disk space

Figure 1: Trial configuration

Deployment Instructions

From a vSphere or Hyper-V host,

  1. Download the corresponding ESXi or Hyper-V Installer script to a Windows Server or Windows 10 machine. It will appear as “deploy-datacore<esx or hyperv>.ps1”

  2. “Run it with PowerShell” from the Local Administrator account and follow the prompts. For a preview, see the videos below:

The script takes about 30 minutes to download the virtual machine images and pre-configure them. It may take longer on machines with slower Internet connections.

Get Acquainted

Once the script finishes creating and configuring the four VMs,

  1. Connect to the winclient VM and login with the credentials displayed in the last step of the script.
    User: administrator
    Password: Pass@word1!  
  2. Follow the steps suggested in the videos below to get acquainted with operations from the perspective of the consumer of storage as well as the storage administrator:

Download the Trial

Next Steps

You may expand the scope of your evaluation to include integration with vCenter, Hyper-V, bare metal servers, and container orchestration platforms. To do so, please contact us to schedule assistance from one of our solution architects.

Tips for conducting a more extensive technical evaluation are included below:

  DataCore™ SDS Evaluation Guide

  Reducing Data Center Infrastructure Costs with SDS