DataCore™ ONE Vision

The power of software-defined storage breaks silos and hardware dependencies, enabling IT to make storage smarter, more effective, and easier to manage.

It is time for IT to realize the promise of software-defined storage: a unified platform to simplify and optimize primary, secondary, and archive storage tiers, managed under a unified predictive analytics dashboard.

The World Is Becoming Software-Defined

IT infrastructure evolution: bare metal to virtualized to cloud to software-defined


Benefits of DataCore Software-Defined Infrastructure

  • Freedom. Abstraction from hardware, no lock-in
  • Flexibility. Evolve your architecture via software
  • Integration. No silos, maximum utilization
  • Availability. Flexibility on zero-downtime architectures
  • Intelligence. Optimization across existing and new systems

It is unquestionable that the future of IT is software-defined

Storage has lagged behind compute in this evolution. With the latest technology advancements and market maturity, the time has come for IT to leverage software-defined storage broadly.

DataCore’s Vision for Software-Defined Storage

DataCore ONE

Unified Command and Control Across Storage Tiers and Technologies

Consistent Set of Storage Services

Centralized Management Plane

  • Cloud-based intelligent dashboard leverages telemetry data
  • Actionable insights, predictive analytics, recommendations
  • Improve health and performance, reduce downtime, and save money

Flexibility to Evolve and Adapt

  • Software-defined infrastructure allows IT to be ready for the future
  • Use in datacenter HCI and SANs, as well as ROBO and edge computing
  • Non-disruptive migration and self-paced evolution between deployment models

Choice Keeps IT in Control

  • No hardware, vendor, or architecture lock-in, no silos
  • Deploys as software on your choice of x86 server, or on a purpose-built appliance, or the cloud
  • Flexible annual and multi-year term licensing

IT Runs Better With Software-Defined Storage

No more primary, secondary, and archive silos

It’s 2022. Shouldn’t we have smarter storage by now? The industry is still dominated by a hardware mindset, with data locked in monolithic, proprietary systems. It’s time to empower IT with software-defined storage to get a smarter, more powerful, more flexible storage platform that unifies different storage tiers and technologies—and puts IT in control.

A smarter way to manage all your storage infrastructure

DataCore™ Insight Services (DIS) provides a unified control pane that leverages telemetry data and the collective learnings from thousands of customers to enable early problem detection, make best practice recommendations, and provide actionable insights. Prevent issues, optimize performance, and get in control of all your storage with prescriptive actions.

Unified data services enhance and simplify storage

A growing set of data services include synchronous and asynchronous mirroring, cloning and snapshots, continuous data protection, performance acceleration and intelligent caching, thin provisioning, auto-tiering, AES-256 bit encryption, and many more. These services support all storage technologies consistently, independent of vendor or architecture.

Software-defined puts IT in control

Choice and flexibility. Deploy on new or existing servers, turn-key appliances or in the cloud. License under perpetual or term models. Deploy storage as a SAN, in hyperconverged configuration, or a mix. Block, file, or object. Bare-metal, virtual, or container hosts. Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and LAN connections. On-premises or in the cloud. Pool Flash, SSDs and HDDs. Break free from hardware limitations with a software-defined architecture.

The DataCore ONE approach offers a unified model for primary and secondary storage that looks to balance price, performance and system management with the scale-out simplicity of modular, HCI-based storage.

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They’re serious about pushing toward the future, with the new CEO, new brand, new pricing model and this push to fulfill more of the software-defined stack down the road, adding more long-term archive type storage.

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DataCore, the SANsymphony supplier, has gone supersonic, launching a hyperconverged appliance, cloud-based predictive insights and a term licensing scheme.

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Today, the company is announcing a series of measures designed to highlight its vision of software-defined storage, and how it intends to make DataCore a dominant player in the space.

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Get started with the cornerstone of the next-generation, software-defined data center