Learn how your company can improve the economics, availability and responsiveness of its systems using real-time data.
Nick Connolly
3 Techniques for Creating Innovative Patents
So where do patents come from? It’s all very well saying, “Go and write some patents,” but where do you start? How do you come…
Sander Puerto
Stretched Clusters: Shared Storage Considerations to Be Adaptable and Future-Ready
A stretched cluster, sometimes called a metro-cluster, is a deployment model in which two or more host servers are part of the same logical cluster…
Alfons Michels
Secondary Storage Doesn’t Have to Be Costly or Difficult to Manage
What Is Secondary Storage? Secondary storage complements the storage used for your major day-to-day operations (typically called primary storage). Primary storage is fast and highly…
Sander Puerto
Business Continuity Planning: Storage-Related Factors Often Overlooked
While you may feel 100% confident in your BC/DR preparedness today, have you considered what kind of upheaval any of the following changes would result…
Sander Puerto
Data Replication Technologies: Inside or Outside the Storage System?
By default, every storage vendor wants you to have SAN arrays of the same model on both the production site and disaster recovery (DR) site.…
Augie Gonzalez
Continuously Modernize Your Storage Infrastructure Without Disruption
Why do so many forward-looking IT initiatives stop dead in their tracks? Cost may be one reason, but just as often it’s the disruption they…