Learn how your company can improve the economics, availability and responsiveness of its systems using real-time data.
Gerardo Dada
DataCore Prediction: Artificial Intelligence Will Play an Increasingly Important Role in Data Storage
In the coming years, artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly be used to make intelligent decisions about data placement. Based on information such as telemetry data…
Vinod Mohan
Ultimate Freedom of Storage Choice for Veeam Backup & Replication
Data protection is top-of-mind for organizations in today’s ever-evolving technology landscape. Every datacenter management team strategizes and institutes a robust backup and disaster recovery plan…
Gerardo Dada
How to Overcome “Data Anxiety Disorders”
I’ll concede that you won’t find it in any medical dictionary, but it’s a genuine problem. Given the information explosion we are experiencing, it will…
Gerardo Dada
A New Year…A New Decade…And a New Reason for Storage Optimism?
You’re the storage administrator for a medium company, it’s 2020, and you’re back in the office. You feel rested, relaxed, and optimistic. You had a…
Brian Nason
The Power of Shell
Microsoft PowerShell can be an extremely useful tool for automating system management tasks in Windows. While most system configuration and administration tasks are typically done…
Darius Shafie
Breaking the Barriers of Physical Hardware with System Managed Mirroring
Virtualization is the DNA of DataCore. A pioneer of software-defined storage (SDS), DataCore started breaking through physical barriers that kept storage isolated in silos as…