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Benefits of Live Chat with DataCore Support

DataCore Support offers a Live Chat feature to our customers ‘round the clock, every hour of every day, 365 days a year.

In early 2011, Technical Support launched this portal feature to provide convenience and ease of use for our customers. Since then, live chat has not only offered the ability to get updates on already open incidents, but to also ask questions to the Technical Support Engineers or report new technical issues.

Having one of the industry-leading value-added features for customers has made communications directly via an easy-to-use chat session with one of our support professionals truly as simple as 1-2-3.

What Products are Currently Available for Live Chat?

The ability to chat live is available for every DataCore product and sub-product. The main products are:

Sub-products include (but are not limited to):

How to Contact Support using Live Chat

Customers wanting to communicate directly with a Support Engineer can begin a chat session after logging into the Technical Support Portal, and then selecting the Live Chat link on the menu bar. Once on that page, you may choose the severity level of the request based on the definition in our Support Policies.

(Note: The chat is used for English only communications, because we cannot guarantee that someone with a specific language is available at the time of the chat request.).


(Image above is a screenshot after logging into the portal)


Tips for Using Live Chat

If the incident is severity level 1 or 2, and requires the Support team to review logs, please create an incident first, then send in the relevant files as this will help speed up the ability for the Support Engineer to provide an answer. It may be possible for a Support Engineer to collect files during a chat, however it will be quicker if an incident is opened first, and the support bundles are submitted before starting the chat.

Also, when uploading files please keep in mind there are file size and time limit restrictions to follow for the chat.  File sizes must not exceed 20MB, and must be able to be transferred within a 5-minute time limit or it may time out while being transferred, leaving your files unable to be uploaded. However, files larger than 20MB can be uploaded to our portal using the instructions on this FAQ (login required).

All in all, initiating a chat is a good resource whether you simply have   quick questions that need answering or need  status updates on existing incidents


From SANsymphony to Hyperconverged Virtual SAN, DataCore’s Customer Technical Support team looks forward to chatting with you when you need it!

But until then, feel free to check out the Customer Technical Support or FAQ pages for further questions and details that you may have.

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