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DataCore achieves SAP-HANA certification, first Software-defined Storage certified to operates across multiple vendors

DataCore achieves SAP HANA certification first Software defined Storage certified to operates across multiple vendorsWe are pleased to announce the certification of SANsymphony™-V with the SAP HANA® platform. DataCore™ SANsymphony-V is storage infrastructure software that operates across multiple vendors’ storage systems to deliver the performance and availability required by demanding enterprise-class applications such as SAP HANA.
What is SAP HANA?
The SAP HANA in-memory database lets organizations process vast amounts of transactional, analytical and application data in real-time using a computer’s main memory. Its platform provides libraries for predictive, planning, text processing, spatial and business analytics.
Key Challenges for SAP HANA implementation:
SAP HANA demands a storage infrastructure to process data at an unprecedented speed and has zero-tolerance for downtime. Most organizations store entire SAP HANA multi-terabyte production systems on high-performance Tier 1 storage to meet the performance required during peak processing cycles, such as “period end,” or seasonal demand spikes.  This practice presents the following challenges to IT departments:
  • Tier 1 storage is expensive to deploy and significantly impact the IT budget.
  • Tier 1 storage is limited to its physical constraints when it comes to data availability, staging, reporting, and test and development.
  • Managing multiple storage systems (existing and new) can add considerable cost and complexity; routine tasks like test/dev and reporting are difficult to manage.
Benefits of DataCore
DataCore SANsymphony-V is the first Software-defined Storage solution that is certified to operate across multiple vendors’ SAP HANA-certified storage systems to deliver the performance and availability required.  DataCore SANsymphony-V software provides the essential enterprise-class storage functionality needed to support the real-time applications offered by the SAP HANA® platform.
With DataCore, SAP HANA customers gain:
  • Choice:  Companies have the choice of using existing and/or new SAP HANA certified storage systems, with the ability to seamlessly manage and scale their data storage architectures as well as giving them more purchasing power (no vendor lock-in)
  • Performance:  Accelerate I/O with DataCore™ Adaptive Parallel I/O architecture as well as caching to take full advantage of SAP HANA. in-memory capabilities to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing.
  • Cost-efficiency:  DataCore reduces the amount of Tier 1 storage space needed, and makes the best use of lower cost persistent HANA-certified storage.

 DataCore SANsymphony-V infrastructure software is the only SAP HANA-certified SDS solution that can be used together with an SAP-certified storage solution from Fujitsu, Huawei, IBM, Dell, NEC, Nimble Storage, Pure Storage, Fusion-io, Violin Memory, EMC, NetApp, HP and Hitachi.

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