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DataCore Lowers Barrier to SAN Entry

SME SAN Software by DataCore
Unmatched enterprise-class capabilities pricedto fit the SME budget:The high cost and complexity of traditional SAN storage required to support virtual servers and desktops puts it out of the reach for many small and mid-size businesses.
“Two critical elements necessary for safe and effective virtualisation have remained out of reach for SMBs: SANs to consolidate and manage storage, and business continuity solutions to assure that consolidation works for you and not against you,” said George Teixeira, president and CEO, DataCore Software Corporation. “SMEs needed a solution that does both and does it at the right price.”

DataCore Lowers Barrier to SAN Entry
The company took the idea of a low-cost, entry-level SAN to new extremes this week with the introduction of a line of “starter packages”
….Available features include thin provisioning, data migration, storage caching and even snapshot and remote replication. The systems can be designed for iSCSI, Fibre Channel or both, with high-availability and automated failover/failback and fault tolerance…

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