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DataCore Offers Virtual SAN Appliance and Citrix StorageLink Adapter for Microsoft Hyper-V and XenServer

DataCore Offers StorageLink Adapter for XenServer and Hyper-V
posted in XenServer – Server Virtualization by Simon Crosby

Download the Virtual SAN Appliance now:
To find out more information about Citrix Essentials for Hyper-V, please visit:

…We’re pleased to announce availability of the first 3rd party developed adapter for Citrix StorageLink™ adapter, offered by DataCore™. This takes the form of a fully featured tiral SANMelody virtual appliance that is fully integrated in Citrix StorageLink v1.0.5 and above. The free trial license extends for 30 days.

The DataCore™ SANMelody virtual appliance (download here: ) allows the user to perform storage management tasks directly out of the Citrix StorageLink user interface. It unifies management of virtual machines and DataCore virtual storage into one single console, whether you’re using XenServer or Hyper-V. It offers both FC SAN and iSCSI support. The cool thing about the virtual appliance is that it lets you experience a full blown SAN without having to roll in expensive new SAN disk arrays, since it acts as a network-based appliance that provides rich storage management features for a wide range of storage systems… Simon Crosby Blog:

Download it now:

To find out more information about Citrix Essentials, please visit:

Brian Madden: DataCore Offers StorageLink Adapter for XenServer and Hyper-V
Citrix StorageLink is a powerful set of technologies that completely automates the storage related functions for virtual infrastructure, including SAN management, and leveraging array or storage-appliance features for pooling, snapshots, and fast clones …

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