DataCore Software Showcases High Availability Storage Virtualisation Solutions with Parallels

DataCore Software Showcases High Availability Storage Virtualisation Solutions at Parallels Summit 2009:

New customers and joint showcase demonstrations roll into the bright lights of Vegas:

DataCore Software is teaming up with Parallels at the Parallels Summit in Las Vegas this week. Attendees will see the two companies jointly present a complete virtualisation demonstration encompassing the ultimate in high availability, optimized computing solutions.

MB Trading, Ulster Greene ARC, Bryant & Stratton College, and many others are enjoying unsurpassed uptime, on-demand workload distribution and tremendous cost savings since consolidating their IT environments with Parallels and DataCore.

“We run DataCore and Parallels in tandem and are extremely impressed by the combination,” said Brenton M. Brown, Chief Information Officer, MB Trading. “They give our enterprise all the benefits that come by embracing total virtualisation: fast and reliable performance, highly efficient storage and server utilisation and the flexibility to provision both server and storage resources easily, when and where needed.” Find out more about DataCore+Parallels: visit

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