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Democratizing Big Data Analytics for the Masses

Enrico Signoretti

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Bottom line
Everyone in the private and public sector is eager to employ Big Data Analytics to glean better understanding from the ecosystem around them in order to make faster and better informed decisions. DataCore Parallel Server software helps you process high velocity transactions and analyze enormous amounts of data in a fraction of the time without resorting to exotic supercomputers, massive server clusters or expensive in-memory code redesigns.

Its state-of-the-art adaptive Parallel I/O technology has been proven to achieve ultra-fast performance for the most challenging enterprise applications, resulting in better business outcomes with far fewer servers, no programming changes and far less complexity. DPS is transparent to applications whether they work on files or block devices. The microsecond response time and millions of IOPS per server multiply overall computational effectiveness so processing can be performed locally using far fewer servers more efficiently to reach quicker and timelier decisions.

IO parallelization is a game changer in Big Data Analytics.  DataCore has the right/appropriate solution to help smaller organizations adopt it, and larger ones get/achieve faster results at a lower cost.

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The magic of DataCore Parallel I/O Technology

“DataCore Parallel I/O technology seems like a kind of magic, and too good to be true… but you only need to try it once to understand that it is real and has the potential to save you loads of money!”

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