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Getting Rid of Click Fear with DataCore Training

We all know how it starts  – ready to take action but your finger trembles and you just can’t click that mouse button.

After comprehensive searching and a company finally chooses on the perfect software-defined storage (SDS) product for their storage infrastructure, the last thing they’d want to find out is that there is a lack of training and support resources at their disposal to help fulfill their specific needs… makes sense right?

Here are 3 great DataCore Training resources that can help you overcome that moment:

FAST! As in right now… and free!

Want experts to walk you through how the latest features and best practices guides for SANsymphony, Hyperconverged Virtual SAN and MaxParallel for Windows Server can enhance your deployment?

At DataCore there are tons of resources to help you out. In addition to our knowledgeable, friendly support team that is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you through any issues you may have along the way, you can find our FAQ’s that we’ve compiled, organized, and answered – at no cost to you.

But it doesn’t stop there – please don’t overlook the FREE videos that can be found at the bottom of our training course calendar page as well! Some of the videos cover just a few of the topics below:

  • New Features in V10
  • Configuring ESX
  • Hyperconverged Virtual SAN
  • Linux

Doing more than just kicking the tires?

Our self-paced, online courses provide you with a workbook, video instruction and a live DataCore lab.The Customer One-Day Training course  is a self-paced Lab  designed to provide a SANsymphony user with the tools, knowledge and practical experience to manage a SAN.

Curious? Each course also has a small “Welcome Video” to give you an idea of what’s covered.

Doing the heavy lifting? Maintaining and/or Installing?

The administration courses we offer are designed to prepare Storage Administrators with the tools, knowledge and practical experience to successfully plan, implement and manage a storage environment in which DataCore software is used for storage management, virtualization and availability.

The 3-Day Administration Course covers planning, installing, configuring and exercises the main features such as Mirroring, Snapshot and much more. The 2-Day DCIE workshop follows, with ½ day spent on break/fix workshops, and moving into the DCIE fully-documented installation and functional test. To wrap up you take the DCIE Assessment exam to attain DCIE certification, which authorizes you for installation, administration and maintaining a DataCore-powered environment.

Curios before starting here as well?  You can take a look at the corresponding “Welcome Video” for more information on each course here as well.


Click Fear is a real thing

Overcome your click fear with our helpful and educational resources at DataCore Training today!

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