High-Availability – The DataCore advantage!

DataCore Storage Virtualization Enhances Server Virtualization

DataCore’s application transparent high-availabilty and auto failover and failback capabilities slash downtime while protecting your critical business data.

DataCore’s storage virtualization software insulates your virtual server environments from the adds, moves and changes in the physical disk configuration.

DataCore’s ability to boost the performance of the disk subsystems helps overcome the sluggishness of concentrated I/O workloads.
DataCore helps overcome I/O bottlenecks…accelerates Storage I/O…
Fast Caching and Load Balancing

DataCore does high-availability better…Simple Fail-safe SAN data protection
Insulate Failures Transparent to Applications
Unique Automatic Failover and Failback
Priced right for Small and Mid-size Business
Full-featured HA SAN software [New SAN Starter Packages]
No-penalty upgradability and “future proofed” growth path

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