Infostor Lab Review: SANmelody = storage virtualisation panacea

The crew at Infostor recently put SANmelody through its paces in their lab and have just published a comprehensive review of their test methodology and findings. The Article can be viewed here (p.29) and downloaded here.

In brief, their conclusions/key findings were:

· Full virtualisation of direct-attached and SAN-connected storage
· Simplified SAN infrastructure management through automation of storage administration tasks using the Windows MMC
· SANmelody caching boosted I/O throughput by 33% running IOmeter
· Round-robin LUN distribution of server I/O traffic benchmarked at 50,000 IOPS using 8KB reads with no I/O bottlenecks
· No single point of failure with support for snapshots, synchronous mirroring, and synchronous replication

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