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May the Force be with a Risk-Free Virtualization of Business Critical Applications

It is now the norm to see organizations working to maximize the productivity and consolidation benefits that virtualization is able to bring to the data center. However, in most cases, they lack the “Force” to virtualize their critical business applications without risk.

The Resistance

IT administrators must maintain service level agreements (SLAs) as they virtualize business critical applications. To meet requirements, they must deliver superior performance, high availability, and simplified management. Furthermore, they have to achieve this while working within a limited IT budget.

A Box is Not the Chosen One

Lack of storage capabilities, performance bottlenecks and visibility across storage resources limits IT administrators from virtualizing these critical business applications. They are constrained because they cannot guarantee the following:

  • Consistent application performance in a virtualized environment.
  • High availability without significantly impacting their budget.
  • The ability to gracefully meet the changing needs of applications.

That’s why they need the “Force” to help them virtualize business critical applications.

The Jedi to the Rescue

Software-based storage is the Jedi of the data center. DataCore is the chosen one to provide the much needed “Force” to undertake the challenges of virtualizing business critical applications by using its Software-Defined Storage platforms and Adaptive Parallel I/O software. DataCore enables cost-efficient performance, enterprise-class availability, and simplified management.

DataCore Software-Defined Storage has the “Force” to maximize the performance of underlying hardware, leverage existing storage investments and delivers comprehensive storage services to simplify management and provide higher levels of data protection. IT administrators can create a pool of heterogonous storage under one management tool and achieve enterprise-class storage benefits without breaking the bank or sacrificing performance.

The Power of the Force:

Adaptive Performance

DataCore™ Adaptive Parallel I/O software guarantees performance for business critical application by harnessing the full power of multicore servers and storage devices to achieve the industry’s fastest response times.

High Availability

DataCore’s Software-Defined Storage solution enables simple and affordable availability across heterogeneous storage. Customers  can not only  experience an enterprise-class environment with zero downtime due to storage-related failures and maintenance windows, but also an affordable solution as they can mirror data which can reside locally or be stretched across metro-distances. This also works across different vendor solutions; therefore one can enhance savings by mirroring between tier one devices and lower tiers of storage.

Unified Storage Management

DataCore’s software is easy to deploy and manage, and can easily be set up by an IT generalist. Its single management console meets changing business needs by delivering a single pane of management for all storage across the infrastructure.

The Jedi Master

DataCore is the Jedi Master of storage software and is the ideal complement to server virtualization — eliminating difficult storage challenges and enabling consolidation and productivity to reach its full potential. DataCore provides the needed software technology that enables risk-free virtualization of business critical applications and harnesses the combined forces of virtualization and parallelization to reduce business risk, speed up workloads and meet the most demanding enterprise application needs.

For more information on Parallel I/O, read our white paper, “Why Parallel I/O Software and Moore’s Law Enable Virtualization and Software-Defined Data Centers to Achieve Their Potential.”

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