Storage Anonymous – Step #2: Storage As a Greater Power

Last time, we discussed the storage addiction and Big Data problem. While understanding the problem is important for any organization, finding the solution is the next logical step. In terms of Big Data, that’s where innovations like storage virtualization software come into play.

First, ensuring that mirror images of the data are kept updated in at least two different locations, safe from each other’s environmental hazards. Then, by providing inexpensive network caching for repeated access without bottlenecking at the disks. Together, these breakthroughs markedly improve the availability and performance of storage for different consumers with very different intentions.

This software approach allows organizations to harness Big Data in a manner that reduces operational costs, improves efficiency, and lets you non-disruptively swap hardware in and out as it ages. By bringing into play storage virtualization software, any IT department in any size company can be more efficient, competitively nimble, and profitable.

So, for you storage lovers, maybe you only need two steps in the healing process. And with that said, rehabilitation is in your foreseeable future.

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