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Why Parallel I/O Software and Moore's Law Enable Virtualization and Software-Defined Data Centers to Achieve Their Potential

Why Parallel I/O Software and Moore ;s Law Enable Virtualization and Software Defined Data Centers to Achieve Their Potential

Read DataCore’s new whitepaper: Why Parallel I/O Software and Moore’s Law Enable Virtualization and Software-Defined Data Centers to Achieve Their Potential

In the software-defined data center (SDDC), all elements of the infrastructure, including networking, compute, servers and storage, are virtualized and delivered as a service. Virtualization both at the server and storage level are therefore critical components on the journey to a SDDC since they shield users from underlying hardware complexity and enable greater productivity through software automation and agility.

Today’s demanding applications, especially within virtualized environments, require high performance from storage to keep up with the rate of data acquisition and unpredictable demands of enterprise workloads. In a world that requires near instant response times and increasingly faster access to data, the needs of business-critical tier 1 enterprise applications, such as databases including SQL, Oracle and SAP, have been largely unmet.

”Parallel I/O software will be the next ‘killer app’ that will allow the industry to build on virtualization and fully utilize the multiple cores that are readily available, and allow for greater productivity and further consolidation of server technology by allowing more applications, VMs and workloads to run on these platforms without being bottlenecked by I/O. Harnessing today’s powerful multicore servers to do parallel I/O is the way to unleash the full power of Moore’s Law and make it possible through virtualization to increase business productivity –and therefore drive the promise of Software Defined Data Centers.” – George Teixeira, President & CEO DataCore Software

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