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"Why Partners Build their Practice Around DataCore"

Here is an interesting article stating the DataCore case for partners taken from the VMblog. ( We couldn’t agree more!

DataCore Makes High-Availability SANs Practical for a Slew of New Storage Virtualization Customers and here are a couple of choice quotes if you don’t have time to link through right now:

**”With DataCore, the client can pick their favorite hardware vendor and even mix and match them,” Rettig said. “When the requirements encroach on the system’s limits, we can non-disruptively upgrade what they have with faster, newer technology, possibly from a different supplier who offers better price/performance at the time.”

**“DataCore enables us to put together solutions for our clients that fit within their budgets,” explained Rettig. “What is more, we feel strongly that our clients are getting robust, enterprise-level SANs at SMB prices.”

**“A real differentiator for DataCore is their elegant approach to dual-node redundancy, coupled with auto-failover and auto-failback, as well as physical separation of disk arrays to eliminate storage-related disruptions,” commented Rettig. He also admits that a big advantage of DataCore is that it is an open platform, which enables his team to tailor the hardware components to each customer’s manufacturer preferences.”

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