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Building High Performance Infrastructure for Databases

Expert advice on the right infrastructure for your databases

Databases drive 60% of the applications in most companies. So, the performance of databases is extremely important to an organization’s ability to process transactions as well as analyze data. Recently, many technology vendors have submitted all-flash products or other storage wares as “the right infrastructure” for databases and database-dependent applications. However, companies purchasing and deploying these high-performance servers and storage kits are still finding their databases to be underperforming.

Download this Data Management Institute white paper to:

  • Understand the impact of I/O latency on the performance of databases and their dependent applications
  • Find out why I/O bottlenecks cannot be cost-effectively resolved by throwing more peripheral hardware (flash, disk or interconnects) at the problem
  • Get insight into the requirements for latency reduction in databases

Learn how to build high performance infrastructure for databases at a reasonable cost

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