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Organizations are creating huge amounts of data but how and where are they going to store it all? Answers can be found in this eBook, which includes a series of thought provoking articles covering critical issues including storage silos, application performance bottlenecks, data fabrics, and the role of hyperconverged infrastructure.

The eBook concludes with an original thought leadership white paper, A Blueprint for Smarter Storage Management: Addressing the Top 3 Challenges Impacting Your Data with Software-Defined Storage, including:

  • Maintaining data accessibility even in the event of a catastrophic failure
  • Capacity utilization and scale
  • Extreme performance to keep up with the rate of data acquisition

eBook topics:

  • Storage Silos 101: What They Are and How To Manage Them
  • RPO/RTO and the Impact on Business Continuity
  • Data Storage 101: How To Determine Business-Critical App Performance Requirements
  • How Best To Protect and Access Your Company’s Data
  • Data Fabrics and Their Role in the Storage Hardware Refresh
  • The Rise of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • A Blueprint for Smarter Storage Management – Addressing the Top 3 Challenges Impacting Your Data with Software-Defined Storage

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