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Solving the Top 3 Storage Challenges with the Lenovo DX8200D Powered by DataCore

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Significant IT challenges exist with storage.

Increasing pressure to deploy high-performance architectures, scale with increasing capacity demands, and maintain uninterrupted service while staying in budget, rank high among them.

The Solution: A Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Appliance

The Lenovo DX8200D Powered by DataCore™ is the most robust SDS appliance on the market, delivering enterprise-class storage services, game-changing application performance, massive architectural scale-out, and uninterrupted data access. The appliance creates a transparent SDS layer across diverse storage systems to maximize the availability, scalability, and performance of all storage resources.

Let’s explore how the DX8200D solves all of these challenges, simplifies storage management enterprise-wide, and gives you back control of your storage.

White Paper Contents

The Core Issue: Data

The Solution: A Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Appliance

Challenge #1: Storage Performance
Parallel I/O Technology
High-speed Caching

Challenge #2: Capacity Utilization and Scale

Challenge #3: Data Availability
Synchronous Data Mirroring
Continuous Data Protection
Multipath Communication Channels
Remote Site Replication


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