Walter Explains High Availability

Hi, my name is Walter and I’m your virtual IT Director. Today I would like to talk to you about high availability.

Today’s digital “24-7 always-on” world has no tolerance for IT downtime or for the loss of valuable data. Company applications must be “continuously available” and run with absolutely no interruptions. Every minute in which data cannot be accessed is extremely costly.

DataCore’s zero touch auto-failover and recovery mirroring is well proven in the real-world at over 10,000 customer sites to prevent a scenario of this kind. I/O events are replicated in real time and data is written and simultaneously stored on two separate virtual disk storage locations that can reside on different types of storage within the same building or stretched across town to provide greater protection against site-level incidents.

DataCore automatically and consistently syncs the data between separate virtualization nodes so that any changes made to one are also updated in the secondary. Unlike others, both sides can run production workloads as an active-active pair that can take-over for the other in the event of a failure incident. This lets you get full utilization from your investments and guarantees that there are always two usable copies of disk data with identical bit structures available to keep applications in operation.

In the event that one path or site fails, DataCore’s zero touch failover instantaneously re-routes requests to its mirror copy. No manual intervention or scripting is needed. The system automatically switches over to the second still active site without requiring any manual intervention. Consequently there are no application interruption periods or lost access to data.

Once the system has been re-started, the disk drive contents are re-synchronized automatically in a manner that is transparent for the application server and the I/O paths are recovered without interruption to users and application workloads.

Most other solutions do not provide true “zero touch” automated failover and failback synchronous mirroring with built-in stretch metro-clustering support. Also most IT environments have evolved over the years and have a variety of products from multiple manufacturers, each of which support their own protocols or vendor-specific interfaces. With DataCore Software you can mirror across all these different models of storage systems, disk devices and flash arrays with ease.

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