Learn how your company can improve the economics, availability and responsiveness of its systems using real-time data.
Dave Brown
Combatting Ransomware with Continuous Data Protection
Ransomware targets your organization’s most valuable asset: its data. While it’s a relatively new threat (first major attack in 2012), ransomware attacks increased nearly 120%…
Roni Putra
The Importance of Continuous Data Protection in Backup Strategies
In today’s online business world, when access to data is interrupted the ability to conduct business is too. In this digitally transformed business era, data…
Sander Puerto
Stretched Clusters: Shared Storage Considerations to Be Adaptable and Future-Ready
A stretched cluster, sometimes called a metro-cluster, is a deployment model in which two or more host servers are part of the same logical cluster…
Sander Puerto
Data Replication Technologies: Inside or Outside the Storage System?
By default, every storage vendor wants you to have SAN arrays of the same model on both the production site and disaster recovery (DR) site.…
Sander Puerto
SAP-HANA Hosting Provider Reduces Latency by 75% and Saves $100k with HCI Solution
We recently had a fun conversation with 1st Basis Consulting, a rapidly growing SAP and VMware-certified partner offering technical managed services and IT consulting for…
Nick Connolly
5 Changes That Are Reshaping Software Development
Fundamental shifts are often dramatic and hard to miss, but sometimes profound change can tiptoe in as smaller factors and go almost unnoticed.  The world…