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Sander Puerto
Stretched Clusters: Shared Storage Considerations to Be Adaptable and Future-Ready
A stretched cluster, sometimes called a metro-cluster, is a deployment model in which two or more host servers are part of the same logical cluster…
Transforming Software Development: Our Experience with TC2 Agile Methodology
One of the reasons doing agile transformations is difficult is that there is no specific formula for how to do it. The starting point and context for…
Danielle Brown
The Top Five of 2018
As we kick off 2019, we are taking a look back at our top five most popular blogs, whitepapers and webinars of 2018 to see…
Dave Brown
Software-Defined Storage and How it Enables Continuity of Operations for Data Survivability
Did you know that software-defined storage (SDS), previously known in the industry as storage virtualization, enables continuity of operations (COOP) from the data availability and…
Rizwan Pirani
The Era of Cloud Replication Leveraging Software-Defined Storage
Data is fundamentally what drives business operations; protecting this intellectual capital is essential. However, with the explosive growth of data and increasing requirements for business…
Gerardo Dada
Looking for the Answers to Performance Problems…in the Wrong Place
A few years ago, a leading insurance company was not meeting performance SLAs for some of its key applications. The VP of infrastructure requested millions…