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Big Day for DataCore: Strategic Partnership with Lenovo to Deliver Turnkey Simple Appliances to Fuel Mainstream Market Adoption of Software-defined Storage

Lenovo DX8200D data storage

In every company’s life there are inflection points that create new possibilities and introduce new ways to serve its customers and become an even greater force in the marketplace. This week, with the announcement of the Lenovo Storage DX8200D Powered by DataCore, DataCore had that kind of moment.

While this exciting announcement is the culmination of a lot of work, and there are many people to thank, it is also a new beginning.

DataCore has always been a software-only company, and in fact, the flexibility inherent in software has always been a strength. That’s still true, but we know there are customers who prefer a fast-to-deploy all-in-one hardware appliance, with everything pre-installed, configured, optimized, and validated. With the Lenovo DX8200D, they can have it.

This new turnkey appliance makes it simple to gain flexibility and reduce costs, and it’s a great fit:

  • When heterogeneous storage needs to be managed, refreshed, or consolidated
  • When application performance matters
  • When data availability is paramount
  • When you need resilient, scalable and simple-to-manage private cloud storage

The DataCore and Lenovo combined appliance includes multi-core optimizing parallel I/O software that achieved the world’s record for storage performance in terms of response times and best price-performance, according to the industry’s most respected and audited Storage Performance Council benchmark.

We’re very proud that Lenovo is leveraging our adaptive and self-tuning storage management and parallel I/O technology, experience and know-how to make it easier for the broader market to deploy software-defined storage in a simple, turnkey appliance backed by Lenovo’s one-stop shopping and support.

Whether you’re an end-user IT professional, a channel partner, or just an interested industry follower, we’d love to tell you more. Please take a moment to learn more or watch this brief video overview.

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