George Teixeira

George Teixeira is executive chairman and co-founder of DataCore Software, where he works closely with the management team to create and execute key strategic initiatives for the organization. He co-founded DataCore in 1998 and served as its CEO and president through 2017. During that time, George worked as part of the core team responsible for developing DataCore’s flagship technology which helped define the software-defined storage industry as it is known today.

Prior to DataCore, George served in a number of executive management positions including worldwide VP of marketing and GM of the product business group at Encore Computer Corporation, where he also played a major role as the team leader of OEM marketing and sales to Amdahl, IBM, and DEC. His work culminated in the $185 million sale of Encore's storage control business to Sun Microsystems in 1997. Additionally, George held a number of senior management positions at the Computer Systems Division of Gould Electronics. George, in addition to completing multiple graduate level computer science courses, received a BS in Biology, a BA in Chemistry and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University.

George is proud of the people and culture that he helped create at DataCore over the last 20 years. He has always enjoyed engaging directly with end-users and industry experts to learn, and contribute new ways to help them solve IT problems. Currently, George’s major areas of research and investigation are centered on container-based data services, data analytics and artificial intelligence applications using machine learning and robotic process automation. In his free time, he enjoys travel, meeting new people, playing racquetball and cycling on his beach cruiser, and spending time with his lovely wife, family and friends.