Software-Defined Storage in Action at Transdev

Mark Naidoo, IT Infrastructure Manager of Transdev Australia, recounts his experience of how DataCore Software helped Transdev fulfill their storage needs with software-defined storage. Transdev is a leading public transport company–offering train, bus, ferry, and light rail services.

Please view the three minute video below, with Transdev’s IT Infrastructure Manager, Mark Naidoo, speaking about his decision to deploy DataCore Software and the improvements DataCore has made to Transdev’s storage infrastructure.

Since putting DataCore in three years ago, Transdev has had zero downtime and not only increased availability– but also satisfied its DR requirements. More benefits below.

SUMMARY of what Mark says…

High-performance Storage – 6X improvement
Transdev has seen a sixfold improvement in performance for its storage with DataCore. DataCore supports new, highspeed, solid state storage that was required for a mission-critical Microsoft SQL database that serves Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Five Nines (99.999%) Reliability
Since putting DataCore in three years ago, Transdev has had zero downtime. Transdev not only increased availability – but also satisfied its DR requirements.

Reduced Storage Costs
The ability to choose best-of-breed storage and combine that using one platform has decreased costs significantly.

Resiliency and Flexibility
DataCore has enabled Transdev to combine its existing storage with new, flash-based storage very easily. Transdev’s IT infrastructure also consists primarily of HP hardware, a virtualized platform based on VMware & Citrix XenApp for application deployment.

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