Rizwan Pirani

Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

Today’s business environment is all about data. However, that data is only truly useful when transformed into actionable insights.

Powerful analytics tools with visualization features and data insight services are driving a new paradigm in business decision-making, and are already having a positive impact on enterprises’ ability to compete. For example, data can be used to create an alert that a system has a problem or has failed. That is valuable information—but it is far more meaningful when the data both uncovers the problem and offers a solution (this is an example of an actionable insight).

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Visualizations (which transform insight into actionable insight) are a meaningful, impactful model of conveying actionable insights, and can be reactive or proactive (predictive). Historically, data has been in the realm of reactive insights. Moving forward, the goal is to make data-driven insights preventative using predictability, based on specific patterns that are both scientific and deterministic.

Speed and accuracy will be the most important factors to enabling this—particularly to make actionable insights automated. This will be a potential challenge that many will face to overcome the obstacle of predictability. When the speed and accuracy of data are successfully combined, it results in the actionable insights and remedies needed to create predictability.

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In five years or less, I believe the industry will use widespread data-driven insights to move from remediation to transition to proactiveness/predictability. For example, organizations will actively invest in advanced analytics platforms that help drive data center transformations. Data-driven decisions will eventually become the norm for organizations, while human intellect will be required for abstracting the applicability of those decisions.

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