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SANsymphony Gets Encryption and Metro-Cluster Enhancements, Along with Added Simplicity and Style in its Latest Version

SANsymphony 10.0 PSP 9 adds support for AES-XTS 256-bit encryption of data at rest, support for VMware ESXi Metro Cluster feature and more.

I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of SANsymphony 10.0 PSP 9. A major item included in this release is the addition of a frequently requested feature: Encryption. Encryption is the process of encoding data so that only authorized people can access it. This feature will allow us to compete more effectively in new opportunities that have encryption as a requirement. It is of particular interest to government, healthcare and financial industries globally, and additionally, in Europe where all organizations handling customer data must comply with the general data protection regulation, or GDPR.

Launch Timelines: PSP 9 is planned to be available globally on July 15, 2019.

Below is a list of the new features and enhancements in PSP9:

  • Encryption – Customers can create new virtual disks with support for AES-XTS 256-bit encryption of data at rest using the latest the latest Cryptographic API: Next Generation developed by Microsoft®. This will be transparent to application hosts, and they will continue to consume storage as usual. Customers can also have a “mixed” pool with both encrypted and non-encrypted disks. Here is a blog that goes into further details, with screenshots, about the encryption feature.
  • ESX Metro-cluster Resiliency – This is a feature enhancement made to improve the resiliency of SANsymphony’s support for the VMware ESXi Metro Cluster feature, specifically addressing the scenario when the link between two clusters breaks and how we handle this scenario.
  • DataCore Installation Managers –This will significantly enhance the end user experience of our DataCore Installation Managers for Hyper-V and VMware respectively, with improved workflows/UI and better download management. The installer has been compacted and installation components are only downloaded as needed which include the latest VASA provider.
  • New Iconography – The DataCore Management console has been updated with brand new icons.

PSP9 software-defined storage sansymphony encryption

  • VVOL 2.0VVOLs enable our VMware customers to manage VMs on SANsymphony virtual disks. The latest 2.0 version adds support for ESX 6.5 and 6.7.
  • Rest API Installed by Default – Customers using our REST API can gather information from SANsymphony and us it for analysis. The REST API service is now installed by default to support features currently under development and can be uninstalled if a customer chooses to do so.
  • Other Core Platform Improvements – This is an ongoing effort by DataCore to continuously improve the end-user experience and stability of our solution. This release adds updated icons and images for an enhanced user interface while fixing 63 customer-reported bugs.
  • Subscription Licenses – Beginning July 2019, DataCore will offer the option to license its products under a subscription plan consistent with the latest industry practices. The new subscription licenses offer an attractive alternative over perpetual licensing for organizations that prefer paying for the software from operating expense (OPEX) budgets or considering limited-time projects. Subscription licenses offer the added advantage of actionable insights from a new cloud-based predictive analytics platform called DataCore™ Insight Services (DIS).

In conclusion, PSP9 offers DataCore customers’ new features (encryption & Metro-cluster enhancement), new look and feel (icons) as well as fixes to customer reported bugs. Customers under a support contract can download PSP9 from the support portal.

To learn more about PSP9, DataCore Insight Services, and our DataCore ONE vision, view the press release, or request a demo.

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