Tri-State Memorial Hospital Selects DataCore and Dell for a Hyperconverged and Integrated Architecture to Power VDI and Support High-Availability Storage


Tri-State Memorial Hospital has selected and deployed DataCore + Dell as the foundation for a next-generation data center encompassing hyperconverged infrastructure. Since 1955, Tri-State Memorial Hospital has served as a not-for-profit, community-owned hospital – offering acute care as well as a DNV GL¹

Healthcare USA-accredited critical access facility. The hospital serves a 10-county region in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Tri-State Memorial Hospital was looking for a solution to replace a traditional architecture in its data center. The institution was running out of compute resources and wanted an Integrated Storage Architecture—one that delivered VDI storage services that spanned ultra-fast performance, the highest availability, and optimal capacity utilization. In particular, Tri-State Memorial Hospital needed assistance accelerating its SQL environment.

After much review, it chose DataCore paired with Dell servers over other solutions on the market—due to the flexibility of DataCore’s SANsymphony™ storage services platform. Above all, the fact that DataCore delivered storage that was software-defined made the biggest difference and ultimately was the “tipping point” as far as DataCore’s value/technology displacing a legacy IBM SAN with hyperconverged infrastructure from DataCore and alliance partner Dell.

“DataCore allows us to utilize existing storage units, improve their performance and easily respond to any additional storage needs in the future without significant expense,” stated Avi Popovich, CIO at Tri-State Memorial Hospital. “As such, DataCore gives to us one storage services platform across our entire infrastructure—maximizing IT infrastructure performance, availability and utilization by virtualizing storage hardware.”

What set DataCore apart for delivering on the hospital’s IT and business objectives was the fact that DataCore can be deployed in a redundant manner very efficiently, enabling the hospital to keep its databases running with maximum uptime. DataCore is installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 and runs on two Dell PowerEdge R730xd servers in a mirror configuration.


“The user management interface is user-friendly,” commented Popvich. “This makes the management task much easier.”

The DataCore SANsymphony features that the hospital is now relying most upon are Caching, Synchronous Mirroring, Pooling, Thin Provisioning, Snapshots, Asynchronous Replication, Continuous Data Protection, Advanced Site Recovery, and Automated Storage Tiering. The Dell servers each have the following:

  • Two 2.2 Ghz Intel CPUs
  • Six 10Gb ports
  • 128GB of RAM
  • Two 240 GB, SATA SSD, RAID 1 for Windows & DataCore installation (no useable capacity)
  • Tier 1: Two 240 GB, SATA SSD, RAID 1 (240 GB usable)
  • Tier 2: Four 1.2 TB, 10k, SAS, RAID 6 (1 set of 4 drives) (2.4 TB usable)
  • Tier 3: Four 1 TB, 7.2k SAS, RAID 6 (1 set of 4 drives) (2 TB usable)

“All I can say is that DataCore works very well in virtual environment,” added Popovich. “We currently use VMware and Hyper-V and they both integrate nicely with DataCore. What’s more, it is highly scalable—all while being fairly low cost. And you sacrifice nothing. Even while being cost-effective, DataCore also provides very high performance (high IOPS, low latency) in comparison to traditional storage units.”

About Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus

Spearheaded by a group of community-minded citizens, Tri-State Memorial Hospital was originally built in 1955 to ensure quality, local health care access for our community for years to come. Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus is located in Clarkston, WA, and it is community-owned and operated hospital in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley.

In addition to the Hospital, the campus includes various physician’s offices, Pathologists’ Regional Laboratory, Owl Tri-State Pharmacy and Evergreen Estates Retirement and Assisted Living Center, located directly behind the hospital. The campus also includes the Tri-State Medical Office Building, consisting of several suites which house Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Urology, Surgical Specialists, Sleep Diagnostics, Wound Healing & Hyperbarics, and S.P.O.R.T. Physical Therapy.


¹ The DNV GL accreditation means Tri-State Memorial Hospital has demonstrated it meets or exceeds patient safety standards (Conditions of Participation) set forth by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. DNV GL’s accreditation program is the only one to integrate the ISO 9001 Quality Management System with the Medicare Conditions of Participation.

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