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What Does World-Class Customer Service Look Like?

DataCore’s Customer Support team drives advocacy and loyalty through a consistent, world-class customer service experience.

It’s been said that any business with customers is in the “people” business. It’s not surprising then, that when it comes to making a purchase, a majority of people claim that customer experience is more important that price. According a recent Gartner survey, over 80 percent of organizations say they mostly or completely compete on the basis of customer service.

In increasingly crowded markets like software-defined storage, customer experience becomes just as important as traditional product-based advantages in terms of communicating an organization’s brand image, mission, and values. After all, your customer service team is your direct connection to your customers and they help influence, nurture, and convince them of your company’s position and how your products stack up to competitors.

Defining DataCore’s World-Class Customer Service

Traditional customer satisfaction surveys aren’t always that efficient, which is why Fred Reichheld at Bain & Company designed the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system in 2003. It brought a simple, straightforward solution to discovering your loyal customer base. After testing a wide range of questions to determine the correlation between customer’s answers and their behavior, they found they only needed one: “What is the likelihood that you would recommend Company X to a friend or colleague.”

So, what’s considered a good NPS? NPS can be as low as -100 or as high as 100+ depending on how many advocates (promoters) and how many critics (detractors) you have. “NPS is an in an indication of your company’s health and whether it’s going north or south. Given the NPS range of -100 to +100, a “positive” score or NPS above 0 is considered “good”, +50 is “Excellent,” and above 70 is considered “world class.” In the software industry, the average NPS is 31.

DataCore’s NPS is 73.

customer service NPS net promoter score

Our world-class customer service team is backed by other impressive benchmarks as well. Our customer satisfaction (cSAT) scores are consistently in the high 90’s – last month alone, our support teams met all customer service SLAs by 100 percent. We have also won a Stevie Award for the Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year for the last six years in a row in the annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, the world’s top award for customer service, contact center, business development, and sales professionals.

Additionally, our dedication to customer support can be seen on multiple user review sites like Gartner Peer Reviews, G2, and IT Central Station, where our reviews are around 4.5 out of 5 stars on average. On TechValidate, another customer satisfaction review site, a survey of around 360 customers reported that 99 percent of users realized a positive ROI within a year, which speaks not only to strength of product but also to the level of services and support we provide.

TechValidate DataCore Software-Defined Storage

Dedication to Extraordinary Technical Support

DataCore’s team is passionate about delivering extraordinary technical support to ensure our customers have a successful solution implementation and get the most value from DataCore products. Because DataCore’s software directly impacts how quickly and reliably users can retrieve, update, and store data in business-critical IT systems, its technical support team understands that there are many variables involved, including the need for rapid problem resolution across multiple different hardware, operating systems, and hypervisors. As a result, DataCore’s approach has been to build a support team comprising of senior technology experts with depth of experience in these areas.

Unlike companies that provide customers with scripted responses from entry-level service personnel, DataCore customers reach trained professionals from the start. Customers are reaching a level 3 engineer who is not just proficient in DataCore software, but other related software and hardware products as well. Furthermore, rather than relaying a problem between different service tiers, the DataCore first responder owns it from inception to resolution, leveraging additional resources as needed behind the scenes. This high level of expertise combined with a single point of contact enables DataCore to deliver the highest level customer service experience.

The DataCore technical support team is global and distributed across three major service hubs strategically located in Europe, North America and Asia, covering multiple languages and time zones. In addition, DataCore is a member of the TSANet alliance, which allows for multi-vendor collaboration when a problem is related to more than one vendor’s product.

DataCore support contracts cover incidents as well as all version upgrades, new releases, and product service packs and updates—all free of charge. Moreover, customers can submit product suggestions, and have their implementation documentation reviewed.

Learn more about our award-winning, world-class customer support and services to see how we can help you today.

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