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Why DataCore? 36 Great Reasons to Stop Fighting Storage Hardware plus Why Software-defined Storage Frees You From Hardware Lock-in!

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Why DataCore? Great Reasons to Stop Fighting Storage Hardware plus Why Software defined Storage Frees You From Hardware Lock in!
DataCore Keeps Your Systems Up and Continuously Available.
How much business will you lose when your systems are down? How will you protect your
business critical applications from storage-related outages?
Running out and buying costly new storage is one answer, but not the best one. DataCore safeguards your data, enables continuous availability for storage across metro-wide distances and allows easy system replication to remote sites for rapid disaster recovery. What’s more, SANsymphony-V dramatically speeds up performance and allows you to reclaim the full use of your existing storage space. With DataCore’s storage virtualization software, you can enjoy centralized and uniform administration across all your storage investments, more uptime, and best of all, huge cost savings.

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