Leverage The Power Of Storage to Get The Most Value From Your Data
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Leverage the Power of Storage to Get the Most Value From Your Data

Powered by data services that optimize your hybrid storage infrastructure and maximize the value of current and future IT investments.
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IT organizations large and small face competitive and economic pressures to improve data access, ensuring operational continuity while reducing storage costs. With today’s IT environments becoming more distributed and heterogeneous, it gets more challenging to uniformly and centrally manage hardware from different suppliers spanning different models, configurations and deployments. Business needs are evolving so rapidly that IT teams need flexibility to add and change storage equipment to suit shifting cost, performance, availability, and other requirements.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solutions from DataCore enable IT teams to solve these challenges by providing the ultimate flexibility to store, manage, protect, and access data.

Powered by enterprise-class data services and intelligent data management capabilities, DataCore SDS solutions ensure placement of the right data on the right storage at the right time. AI/ML-driven policies control how data dynamically moves between different storage systems based on data access patterns (hot/warm/cold) and other bespoke IT and business objectives.

Your Storage Can Do More

DataCore SDS solutions allow you to easily adapt your primary, secondary, and archival storage to your business requirements. Maximize the value across your IT investments by improving data access and protection while reducing costs – onsite, across sites, or in the cloud. Break free from vendor lock-in and future-proof your infrastructure to prepare for the demands of tomorrow. Replace ineffective methods with automated solutions for data protection, placement, update, and retrieval.

Whether you seek to make better use of disparate assets already in place, simply expand your capacity, or modernize your environment completely with new storage technology, DataCore can help.

With over 20 years of industry experience and serving over 10,000 customers worldwide, DataCore offers enterprise-class software-defined storage solutions solving your most challenging data storage problems of today and tomorrow.

DataCore is a game changer which is ahead of the trend and a key element to help organizations to truly be able to have a software-defined data center.

Irvin Nio, IT Architect Capgemini

Why DataCore Software-Defined Storage

Software Defined Automation Icon

Provide uniform enterprise data services across disparate vendor hardware

automatic failover protection

Expand and refresh storage hardware and migrate data non-disruptively

Cloud Integration

Integrate the cloud seamlessly into your data storage environment

point-in-time restore

Replace ineffective manual storage management with automated workflows

Adaptability Icon

Adapt to evolving business needs with ultimate flexibility to deploy any hardware and integrate new technology

Dc Moduleicons Lower Costs

Optimize IT costs through automation across hybrid storage and freedom of choice for hardware


Accelerating Your Journey from Core to Edge to Cloud

The scale of data explosion we see today is much greater than what the world has ever encountered. The increasing pull of data gravity and the rising penalties for moving data demand fresh new approaches to data storage, protection, and placement.

This poses unique and complex challenges to IT teams. No longer do centralized data centers at the core suffice. Computational processing and analysis now need to occur where data originates to avoid unpredictable costly data transfer delays. The urgency behind these paradigm shifts shapes DataCore’s vision for our customers.

DataCore.NEXT redefines how storage resources are best applied at the core, edge, and cloud for optimal results and lowest cost. We seek to help our customers navigate through their data journey across any combination of these storage centers in alignment with their evolving business goals.

DataCore.NEXT | Company Vision

Unparalleled Customer Support

DataCore Unparalleled Customer Support

DataCore’s Customer Support team drives advocacy and loyalty through a consistent, world-class customer service experience. We reinforce the value of our global support and services that our customers have realized and benefitted from for over two decades.

DataCore Software delivers the industry’s most flexible, intelligent, and powerful software-defined storage solutions for the core, edge, and cloud.

With a comprehensive product suite, intellectual property portfolio, and unrivaled experience in storage virtualization and advanced data services, DataCore has helped over 10,000 customers worldwide modernize how they store, protect, and access data


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