Why DataCore Software-Defined Storage

Gain ultimate flexibility and control to store, manage, access and protect data across your core, edge, and cloud environments.

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Don’t Be Confined By Storage Hardware Limitations

Gone are the days when data services were tightly coupled with and confined to the storage hardware, forming infrastructure silos and incurring resource and cost overheads. Today’s IT organizations need the flexibility to manage storage capacity centrally, move data between tiers based on business need, upgrade/refresh hardware non-disruptively, and scale their infrastructure within budget.

Attain IT Nirvana with DataCore Software-Defined Storage

Break free from the shackles of hardware with the power of software-defined storage (SDS). DataCore lets you abstract data services from the storage hardware, pool capacity across unlike devices, and gain the freedom to scale your data center with your choice of storage. Attain complete IT harmony and give your users and applications fast and uninterrupted data access across any storage, any deployment, anywhere.

  • Ultimate hardware flexibility
  • Increased scalability

Create a World of Limitless Storage Possibilities

DataCore’s purpose-built suite of data services (pooling, provisioning, tiering, mirroring, snapshots, data protection, and much more) are completely decoupled from the hardware, providing limitless possibilities in how you build, manage and modernize your storage environment.

Why Dc Unify Services

Provide uniform enterprise data services across unlike hardware from different suppliers

Why Dc Migrate Data

Expand and refresh storage hardware and migrate data non-disruptively

Why Dc Cloud

Integrate cloud seamlessly into your data storage environment

Why Dc Operational Continuity
Why Dc Adaptability

Adapt to changing business needs with ultimate flexibility to deploy any hardware and integrate new technology

Why Dc Lower Costs

Optimize IT costs through automation across hybrid storage and free choice of hardware

Not All SDS Solutions are Created Equal

Many vendors claim to offer software-defined storage solutions. Yet some are tied to specific hardware or restricted to a family of equipment from a certain vendor, while others are bound by how they are deployed and operate, limited by the data services they offer, and so on. The matrix below provides an example of a technical comparison between storage solutions claiming to be SDS and shows why DataCore is the only vendor that can deliver on the promise of true software-defined storage.

comparison chart hardware bound storage with software defined storage

Download this table of comparison as a PDF with additional context and explanation for deeper analysis of these solutions.

Transform Your Data Center to Meet Business and IT Requirements

Storage Pooling Screenshot

Combine diverse distributed storage systems into hybrid pool of tiered capacity

Automated Data Placement Screenshot

Automatically place data across tiers based on value, age, availability and performance

Non Disruptive Data Migration Screenshot

Expand and modernize your storage fabric while maintaining business resilience

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