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Enabling Swift and Seamless Transition from On-Premises to Private Cloud for

DATEV eG is a leading provider of accounting, tax, and audit software to thousands of businesses across Europe. To meet their business and technology objectives, DATEV adopted DataCore Swarm, a software-defined object storage solution that helped them move from a fully on-premises setting towards building a secure and scalable private cloud strategy for their offerings.

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The primary objective for was to reorganize the way they manage storage and make it suitable for the company’s private cloud undertaking. This necessitated the use of object storage to handle vast amounts of unstructured data (documents, telematics data, etc.) that grow in capacity quite rapidly. Moving away from file systems and databases, had their expectations set on achieving simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and security with a robust object storage platform.

Solution incorporated Swarm object storage into their two data centers which simplified storage management and decreased total cost of ownership (TCO).

Swarm ensured that their data remained instantly accessible from anywhere, while being continuously protected with high levels of security and encryption. Support for distributed workloads allowed them to easily tap into their private cloud use case.


Adopting Swarm helped to not only accomplish their immediate goals but also paved the way for potential future strategies.

With support for S3 protocol, Swarm provided the flexibility for to leverage public cloud services if required. Swarm also enabled hassle-free migration of their platforms dedicated to electronic invoicing and AI within a few weeks, underscoring its effectiveness in their environment.

How DataCore Swarm Facilitated The Shift to Private Cloud decided to make a radical change to their business model, moving from an offering entirely based on on-premises solutions installed at customers’ sites to one that instead leverages the private cloud.

In this project, storage proved to be the most complex challenge: the amount of data involved and the criticality of the data itself required careful consideration. In a landscape where interconnected data centers relied on proprietary hardware and real-time data synchronization required high availability and low latency, made a strategic choice with DataCore Swarm.

Alessandro Rondinelli, CTO of said, “Our clients operate in the tax and fiscal world, dealing with a vast amount of objects that are produced outside of the relational data: there is a huge amount of documentation in PDF format or in telematic formats used for communication with the Revenue Agency. All of this data must be managed properly on our data centers, while handling the load and backups without any issues.”

The first product to migrate to the new model was the electronic invoicing platform, which orchestrates millions of documents per year and was based on a database.

Using Swarm, it only took a few weeks to move from the initial tests to production. Swarm offered greater intrinsic data security and guaranteed excellent horizontal and vertical scalability through the course of the migration and after.

Most of the maintenance operations were simplified and some even completely eliminated thanks to the automated data services delivered by Swarm. was ultimately convinced by the efficiency demonstrated by Swarm, its unparalleled flexibility, and S3 compatibility that was much needed for their requirements.

“We are a product company, and today we are in a phase of migration from an on-premises version to a cloud version.

The challenge is to achieve this while considering the terabytes or petabytes of data we have to manage.

Doing it without a solution like DataCore Swarm would have been impossible.”

Alessandro Rondinelli, CTO

“With DataCore Swarm in place, we created a proof of concept in a very short time, and within a few weeks, we were able to deploy everything on virtual machines, with the system fully functional.

When we received the specially purchased physical hardware for this solution, we completed the transition from virtual to physical without any interruption and with ease”

Massimiliano Bertaglia, responsabile IT