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Analyst Report

Deploying Mission-Critical Business Workloads on Hyperconverged Infrastructure with DataCore Parallel I/O Technology


Hyperconverged holds out the promise of helping consolidate your infrastructure. It can seem like the “easy button” to deploying storage in remote locations or for VDI. But “easy” often comes with tradeoffs—like performance limitations that don’t support enterprise applications.

At DataCore, we believe you should expect more from hyper-converged infrastructure—more performance, more efficiency, and seamless all-in-one management across your hyper-converged devices and your existing enterprise storage.

IDC has taken a look at the limitations of hyper-converged and how you can get more. Read the free IDC report to learn:

  • How companies worldwide have used first-generation hyperconverged solutions, and why
  • How the hyperconverged landscape is changing, with the introduction of a new generation of products
  • How Parallel I/O has changed expectations and removed limitations from hyperconverged
  • How a hyperconverged infrastructure can deliver cost-effective, highly available, and high-performing support for critical tier-one applications

Download it now, and find out how you can get more from hyperconverged.

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