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Software-Defined Storage for File and Object Environments

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Product Overview

DataCore™ vFilO™ is a next-generation distributed file and object software-defined storage (SDS) solution which provides unprecedented visibility and control over widely-scattered data spread across NAS, file servers, and object stores through a multi-site, keyword-searchable global namespace. It continuously migrates, load balances, and safeguards data among on-premises and cloud storage tiers using machine learning and arbitrage modeling to optimize for cost, performance, capacity, availability, and compliance to achieve business objectives.

Use Cases

  • Pool File and Object Resources: Consolidate namespace (file catalog) from several filers so files can be easily found, accessed, shared, and backed up
  • Expand to the Cloud: Leverage the cloud as lower cost storage for archiving infrequently used files and replicating critical files
  • Scale Out: Scale out and load balance file shares to keep up with unstructured data growth

Vfilo File And Object Storage Diagram


  • Multi-PB Support for Billions of Files in a Single System
  • Scale Up and Out to 40 nodes per Site
  • Free Up to 20X Capacity When Leveraging Object or Cloud

Visibility & Control

vfilo icon visibility control teal
  • Control all your unstructured data under one intelligent system to improve user visibility and simplify IT management
  • Improve user productivity and collaboration across sites with faster, easier access to files and multimedia
  • Fulfill data governance obligations through explicit policies or high-level objectives
  • Derive new business insights gleaned from metadata and dynamically treat your files according to their changing business relevance

Ultimate Flexibility

vfilo icon flexibility teal
  • Expand and modernize as needed with no dependency on device or manufacturer
  • Integrate new server and storage technologies alongside existing equipment without painful and expensive forklift upgrades
  • Store data where it makes most sense, traversing sites and hardware architectures, based on explicit policies
  • Enjoy the power of object and file access methods in one system with multi-protocol support

Efficiency & Simplicity

vfilo icon efficiency teal
  • Avoid disruptive data migrations and recover time lost shuffling files around and backing them up
  • Automate data optimization to effortlessly track and adjust where data is stored and how much it costs
  • Enable zero-touch unified management of different data types and profiles under one intelligent system
  • Deploy without system interruption in under 30 minutes with an easy-to-use intelligent GUI


  • Servers / PCs / Laptops
  • Virtual Machines
  • Container

Access Methods

  • NFS
  • SMB
  • S3*

Operation & Insights

  • Extensible Metadata
  • Data Migration
  • Historical /
    Real-Time Charts
  • Health &
    Performance Graphs
  • Alerts
  • Provisioning

Data Services

  • Active Archive Active Archive
  • Global Namespace Global Namespace*
  • Auto Placement Auto Placement
  • Load Balancing Load Balancing
  • Data Mobility Data Mobility
  • Parallel NFS Parallel NFS
  • Deduplication / Compression Deduplication / Compression**
  • Replication & Recovery Replication & Recovery
  • Encryption Encryption**
  • Snapshots Snapshots
  • Filer / NAS Pooling, Assimilation Filer / NAS Pooling, Assimilation
  • Undelete Undelete

Command & Control

  • Access Controls
  • CLI
  • Console
  • File Granularity
  • Plug-Ins

Storage Protocols

  • File
  • Object
  • Block
  • Cloud


Any user or application using NFS or SMB to access their unstructured data can leverage the benefits of vFilO Operation & Insights, Command & Control and its comprehensive Data Services. The way of accessing the files is independent of where and how they are stored. This can be either on block storage, in file or object systems or in the cloud – at file level granularity.

vfilo distributed file and object diagram


Active Data licenses are for regularly used files. Inactive Data licenses are for data archived either on object storage or in the cloud. Both are available in one- or three-year term licenses. The pricing is determined by actual capacity consumed in terabytes (price/TB) by files and objects. Volume discounts apply. The number of vFilO Data Services nodes (instances) does not affect the software price and can be scaled up or down.


vFilO software comes in a bootable ISO image that contains its own appliance operating system. No other OS licenses are required.