vFilO: Distributed File System

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DataCore vFilO is a next-generation global file system which provides unprecedented visibility and control over widely-scattered data spread across NAS systems and NFS file shares through a multi-site, keyword-searchable global namespace. It continuously migrates, load balances, and safeguards data among on-premises and cloud storage tiers using machine learning and arbitrage modeling to optimize for cost, performance, capacity, availability, and compliance to achieve business objectives.

vFilO combines the capabilities of a scale-out distributed file system while providing NFS and SMB protocol access to users and applications. vFilO’s ability to manage, optimize, and migrate data in existing storage systems allows IT teams to govern where and how they want to store data. Inactive data is de-duplicated, compressed, and moved to lower cost object/cloud storage. Enterprise-class data services offered by vFilO are unconstrained by hardware infrastructure or geography and include live data mobility, self-service undelete, snapshots/clones, and replication at any level of granularity.

Separate Filers –> Frustrating!

Must know the specific filer and directory/folder hierarchy to store or find anything

diagram before vFilO file and object storage

Global Namespace with Tags –> Easy!

Keyword search and automatic load balancing are no longer constrained by organizational hierarchy

diagram after vFilO keyword searchable global namespace

vfilo autonomic data placement diagram

Key Benefits

Visibility & Control

vfilo icon visibility control teal
  • Measurably improve productivity and collaboration across sites with faster, easier access to files and multimedia
  • Control all your organization’s unstructured data under one intelligent system
  • Fulfill data governance obligations through explicit policies or high-level objectives
  • Derive new business insights gleaned from metadata


vfilo icon flexibility teal
  • Expand and modernize as needed with no dependency on device or manufacturer
  • Integrate new server and storage technologies alongside existing equipment without painful and expensive forklift upgrades
  • Store data where it makes most sense, traversing sites and hardware architectures, based on explicit policies
  • Enjoy the power of file access through one global file system with multi-protocol support


vfilo icon efficiency teal
  • Recover time lost shuffling files around and backing them up
  • Avoid disruptive data migrations
  • Unify management of different types and profiles of data under one system
  • Automate data placement and tracking to optimize capacity and control costs while meeting performance and availability objectives


  • End Users
  • Application & Web Services
  • Devices

Access Methods

  • NFS
  • SMB

Operation & Insights

  • Extensible Metadata
  • Data Migration
  • Historical /
    Real-Time Charts
  • Health &
    Performance Graphs
  • Alerts
  • Provisioning

Data Services

  • Multi-Site Global Namespace Multi-Site
    Global Namespace
  • Active Archive Active Archive
  • Parallel NFS Parallel NFS
  • Asynchronous Replication Asynchronous Replication
  • Pooling, Assimilation of NAS/File Servers Pooling, Assimilation
    of NAS/File Servers
  • Automated Data Placement Automated Data Placement
  • Self-Service Undelete Self-Service Undelete
  • Deduplication / Compression Deduplication / Compression*
  • Snapshots/Clones Snapshots/Clones
  • Encryption Encryption*
  • Synchronous Mirroring Synchronous Mirroring
  • Load Balancing Load Balancing

Command & Control

  • Access Controls
  • CLI
  • Console
  • File Granularity
  • Plug-Ins

Supported Storage

  • File
  • Object
  • Block
  • Cloud


Compelling Economics

  • Modernize while maximizing the value from existing equipment without having to rip out and replace perfectly good assets
  • Save money by offloading inactive data from premium NAS resources, relocating it on lower-cost object/cloud storage – deduped and compressed, yet readily accessible
  • Defer buying more premium storage by uncluttering it and fully dedicating its capacity and resources for the active data that deserves it
  • Avoid consuming costly space and bandwidth by performing functions quickly and cost-effectively at the file level rather than at the volume level

vfilo archive objective screenshot

vfilo add storage screenshot