E-Book Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks

A New Approach to Improving Application Responsiveness

Eliminating I/O bottlenecks may be the key to solving today’s performance problems

IT is feeling the pressure as increasing amounts of data overwhelm the performance of mission-critical applications. As a result, access to real-time data often proves challenging for today’s enterprises. During peak periods when many users or tasks compete for data access, systems are often bogged down as simultaneous requests are serialized, waiting on previous requests to complete. This inability to quickly respond threatens a business’ ability to compete effectively.

That’s where MaxParallel™ comes in. The simple plug-and-play software improves the responsiveness of applications bogged down by I/O bottlenecks, with no changes to data, applications or hardware. It makes workloads more responsive and productive by removing a number of software chokepoints responsible for sluggish behavior and underutilized resources.

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A New Approach to Improving Application Responsiveness

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