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Scale Storage Capacity Cost-Effectively Without Having to Sacrifice Enterprise Performance and Resiliency

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DataCore™ SANsymphony™ & ATTO XstreamCore® provide ultimate flexibility while delivering high availability and performance.

Enterprises today are under pressure to do more with fewer IT resources. While storage capacity requirements double every 18 months on average, storage budgets remain relatively flat. At the same time, the rise of virtualization and private cloud deployments in data centers has created a need for greater agility and higher performance.

The future of IT has become software-defined. Software-defined storage (SDS) provides a solution to many of the current challenges posed by the changing IT landscape. SDS empowers IT departments to explore all storage options when looking to expand their environment. This flexibility allows them to look at lower cost storage deployment options that still deliver high performance and resilient storage. With SDS, new storage can be integrated into existing environments allowing for seamless capacity expansion and data migrations across any storage hardware of your choice.

The combination of DataCore SANsymphony SDS solution and ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent bridges provides ultimate hardware flexibility while delivering high availability and performance. IT teams can dramatically reduce enterprise storage costs by enabling use of standard JBODs, JBOFs or RAID arrays.

Integrating Best-of-Breed Hardware and Software into a Fast, Resilient and Cost-Effective Storage Infrastructure

Unlike anyone else in the market, DataCore SANsymphony integrates with ATTO Technology XstreamCORE to allow budget-conscious buyers the ability to achieve highly performant and highly available storage at 60% lower cost than traditional high-end storage arrays. Together, we create direct-attached storage over Fibre Channel to form a highly flexible and resilient storage with zero downtime.

DataCore SANsymphony delivers the industry’s most flexible, intelligent, and powerful software-defined storage solutions for block storage environments. SANsymphony aggregates any storage (SAN, DAS, JBODs – disk and flash) into a centrally pooled storage cluster which allows IT teams to break storage silos and centrally manage capacity allocation to applications without having to overprovision resources.

Regardless of the make or model of storage hardware, you can create virtual disks from the central storage pool and serve thin-provisioned volumes to applications on demand. This helps expand storage easily while balancing capacity across your devices. The ultimate flexibility to add any storage of your choice (No more vendor lock-in!) allows you to keep tabs on your storage costs while seamlessly scaling up or scaling out storage hardware based on business requirements.

  • Expand, migrate and refresh hardware non-disruptively
  • Automate hot, warm and cold data placement across storage tiers
  • Consolidate BC/DR practices across mixed hardware vendors and models
  • Maximize uptime with zero-touch failover and recovery for high availability
  • Lower hardware costs by optimizing storage capacity
  • Improve performance using parallel I/O, high-speed caching and random write acceleration

DataCore SANsymphony

DataCore SANsymphony enables IT to transparently scale and modernize the storage infrastructure non-disruptively by moving and migrating data behind the scenes when new equipment is added or upgraded.

Key Highlights

  • Block-based software-defined storage
  • Full range of BC/DR options
  • Non-disruptive data migration
  • Storage pooling & auto-tiering
  • Centralized control
  • Ultimate flexibility for storage expansion


ATTO XstreamCORE is an intelligent protocol bridge that connects SAS SSD and Hard Drive solutions using standard JBODs, JBOFs, or RAID arrays up to 64 physical hosts over Ethernet or Fibre Channel networks. Attach up to 960 total drives to multiple servers and assign drives on a drive by drive basis to one or many servers.

ATTO XstreamCORE allows you to disaggregate storage from compute resources thus eliminating the expense of more servers and additional software licensing fees. With a performance footprint that drives full racks of storage, it doesn’t take long to realize significant budget savings even while scaling storage.

Key Highlights

  • Cost-effective scaling
  • High-speed storage connectivity
  • Flexible storage mapping
  • Supports business continuity
  • Full integration with DataCore SANsymphony

How the integrated solution of DataCore SANsymphony and ATTO XstreamCORE
benefits IT teams:

By integrating DataCore SANsymphony into your storage environment with ATTO XstreamCORE Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA storage controllers, you can extend the flexibility of ATTO to add any JBOD or JBOF to your infrastructure to expand storage economically and benefit from a performant, scalable and highly available architecture. Create high performance, low-latency shared storage without the need for expensive all-flash or hybrid storage arrays.

The combination of reliable bridge and Fibre Channel solutions from ATTO and enterprise-class software-defined storage solutions from DataCore delivers significant cost-savings while ensuring that capacity and performance are scaled seamlessly according to changing business needs.