On Demand Webcast
30 min

5 Essential Reasons to Pivot your Storage

Craig Hatter

Regional Manager, Northern Europe

DataCore Software

As if the tide of permanent data growth doesn’t cause enough problems when storing your data, you also need to ensure constant availability and fast access, and in today’s macro economic climate you face even more challenges: increased prices, delivery bottlenecks from many manufacturers, and incompatibility of storage systems – to name but a few.

But how do you answer the basic requirements and current challenges and manage them at a reasonable cost? By rethinking your current storage strategy and breaking new ground.

Watch our webinar and learn how DataCore solutions can help you rethink and redefine your data storage.

Learn, amongst other things, how to:

  1. Use your storage resources effectively
  2. Fulfil all basic storage requirements
  3. Expand your storage for the future
  4. Implement recycling and upcycling in storage
  5. Act flexibly and granularly with storage