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10:00 am EST

Partner Refresher Webinar: Architecting Swarm and Delivering POCs with Ease

Garry Carpenter

Senior Solutions Architect

DataCore Software

Dominic Watts

Senior Technical Customer Support Engineer

DataCore Software

If you’re an existing DataCore Swarm provider who needs a refresher on the best ways to bring Swarm quickly to market and into your customers, then this is the 45 minute condensed session for you.

Or, it maybe that you are a new Swarm partner and need additional guidance on how to deliver killer proof of concepts that meet and surpass customer objectives every time, then this is also the session for you.

Object storage subject matter expert, Dominic Watts, takes you through the steps you will need to deliver installs with confidence. Sitting alongside Dom co-hosting, is Senior Solutions Architect, Garry Carpenter.

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