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AviSolve Turns to DataCore for Best-of-Breed Software-Defined Storage and Hyper-converged Solutions

August 16, 2016  DataCore Software, the leader in Parallel-Powered Software, Application-Adaptive Data Infrastructure and Hyper-converged Virtual SAN solutions, today announced that AviSolve has
become a DataCore Premier Partner in the Americas. AviSolve is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) with a national reach within the Information Technology space.
As a trusted advisor, AviSolve continuously evaluates industry-best technology to consult, implement and create the most cost-effective and best solutions
for its customers through strategic partners as well as its own engineers.

“What DataCore represents to AviSolve is fundamentally an enabler,” said Tony Meisner, vice president of sales/co-owner, AviSolve. “It solves a host of
problems at the customer site. AviSolve is also an early adopter of hyper-converged, and we have found that the DataCore solution addresses growth and
flexibility challenges. It is a testament to the hyper-converged direction we see in enterprise IT.”

AviSolve emphasizes that many customers think they are ready for hyper-converged – and they are not. For this VAR, DataCore provides a perfect on-ramp to
hyper-converged. Additionally for AviSolve, embracing DataCore means getting a performance boost without requiring the high-costs of all-flash arrays. With
DataCore’s parallel I/O technology and efficient caching the dependencies on solid state disks (SSDs) are far less important, since customers will get a
“dramatic and noticeable” performance increase from using DataCore to power any storage existing or new whether flash, disk or SAN array based.

Performance, Stability, Manageability and Replication

With DataCore, AviSolve can deliver faster performance, management automation and more uptime to customers.

DataCore’s software-defined storage platform delivers compelling value and
accelerates performance in the real world by 3-5x (and often up to 10x)
– speeding up workloads and ensuring faster response times. Because DataCore offers a software-defined solution, the software lives beyond devices that
“come and go” – thereby extending the useful life of storage and training investments. With DataCore, customers pay once for intelligent software and run
it on the hardware of their choice – only buying what they need, when they need it.

Moreover, the infrastructure-wide functions and management automation inherent to DataCore’s software work across generations of devices – providing
enduring value and fast payback – and transforming disparate storage resources into a unified and efficient infrastructure that is flexible, fast, reliable
and scalable.

DataCore’s SANsymphony software platform gives users a single-pane-of-glass, simplifying management between disk and server by providing one common set of
infrastructure-wide services to unify management across all of a customer’s storage resources. This drastically reduces the time spent on routine storage
tasks for users.

DataCore also enables organizations to achieve non-stop business operations in a very practical and cost-effective manner. The replication piece is of
enormous benefit to AviSolve and its customers in that DataCore users are ensured high availability due to a nearly 100% reduction in storage related
downtime by deploying two copies of DataCore’s software-defined storage platform. Being able to replicate from one storage solution to a completely
different one gives customers the ability to have high-end storage for their production environments and something a lot less expensive with which to
mirror data.

DataCore as a Go-To, Best-of-Breed Partner

“It was apparent to us early on in talking to AviSolve executives that they are very attuned to best-of-breed solutions – whether those be servers, storage
or networking,” said Devi Madhavan, channel vice president at DataCore. “They understood the value quickly and how the DataCore advantage could boost their
business by delivering the most pressing IT ‘must-haves’ to their customers and prospective customers.”

Partnering with DataCore further differentiates AviSolve from the traditional box-pushers. Differentiation on the technical side stems from the
consolidation and simplification benefits that DataCore delivers to AviSolve customers. As for business benefits, DataCore’s Software-Defined Storage
platform contains costs and provides Capex/Opex savings, while optimizing utility and purchasing choice. Plus, DataCore’s Software-Defined Storage platform
protects and extends the life of IT investments enabling users to reuse and repurpose equipment.

“With DataCore as a go-to partner, we can be a lot more agile – and bring must-have new technology to our relationships and not be the everyday, run-of the
mill box-pusher,” summarized Meisner. “Customers using DataCore have all of the high-end features of a traditional SAN – and are not locked-in to
purchasing and licensing those expensive capabilities from a SAN vendor.”

AviSolve is an expert provider of technology services with project experience ranging from building data centers to engineering complex, customized
software. For more information, visit

DataCore and AviSolve at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas

AviSolve and DataCore will be demonstrating software-defined storage in real-world scenarios during joint sessions in the DataCore booth, #2406, at VMworld
2016. The event runs from Aug 28, 2016 – Sept 1, 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Conference Center in Las Vegas.

About DataCore

DataCore, the Data Infrastructure Software company, is the leading provider of Software-Defined Storage and
Adaptive Parallel I/O Software
– harnessing today’s powerful and cost-efficient server platforms with Parallel I/O to overcome the IT industry’s biggest problem, the I/O bottleneck, in
order to deliver unsurpassed performance, hyper-consolidation efficiencies and cost savings. The company’s comprehensive and flexible storage virtualization and hyper-converged virtual SAN solutions free users from the pain of
labor-intensive storage management and provide true independence from solutions that cannot offer a hardware agnostic architecture. DataCore’s
Software-Defined and Parallel I/O powered platforms revolutionize data infrastructure and serve as the cornerstone of the next-generation, software-defined
data center – delivering greater value, industry-best performance, availability and simplicity. Visit or call (877) 780-5111 for more information.


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