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CSDNET and DataCore Partner to Deliver Non-Stop and `No-Nonsense’ IT to Educational, Government and Healthcare Customers

CSDNET and DataCore Solutions Address Market Appetite for Software-Defined Storage, Virtualization Productivity and Parallel I/O Performance

April 27, 2016 DataCore Software, the leader in Parallel-Powered Software, Application-Adaptive Data Infrastructure and Hyper-converged Virtual SAN solutions, today announced that CSDNET has met
all the certification training and qualifications needed to become a DataCore Premier Partner in the Americas. CSDNET is a proven, trusted and experienced
information technology group that specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of complex IP voice, data and video converged networks. Recent
customer Plainedge Union Free School District exemplifies the enduring value of DataCore’s Software-Defined Storage platform in delivering faster
performance, management automation and rock-solid uptime.

“Just like other enterprises, above all we needed the ability to eliminate downtime at an affordable price,” stated Dr. Guy J. Le Vaillant, Assistant
Superintendent for Human Resources and Instructional Technology, Plainedge Union Free School District. “This was made possible by working with CSDNET to
deploy DataCore in a synchronous mirror configuration between two schools – thereby radically improving the availability of our storage infrastructure.
With a proven DataCore solution implemented using an architecture that delivers high availability, we have now eliminated downtime.”

According to Fred Zappolo, Vice President of Sales, CSDNET, “Customers view CSDNET as a company that they can count on and one that delivers purpose-built
solutions based on the best product for that customer. CSDNET knows value for its customers when we see it. And the business value and flexibility DataCore
brings really resonate with our customer community – as does the overall power of software-defined storage, which provides faster performance, better data
protection and overall storage efficiency.”

Plainedge Union Free School District’s objective was continuous uptime, and by deploying DataCore SANsymphony in a stretch mirror configuration between two
schools in the district, they were able to achieve continuous availability and meet their budget goals. This competitive win against the incumbent vendor
(EMC) was made possible due to a significant price advantage using a DataCore + Dell solution versus the EMC upgrade. In fact, since the DataCore/Dell
solution is vendor agnostic, Plainedge was able to utilize several different manufacturers’ existing storage devices at Plainedge and integrate them into
the DataCore solution for less than half the cost of replacing the storage devices — and still achieve improved performance and reliability.

CSDNET’s customers include K-12 school districts, colleges, universities, hospitals, state and local governments, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Among
CSDNET’s increasingly popular and strategic deployments are redundant data centers, connected via separate ISP’s, for secondary schools, higher education
institutions, and hospitals in the Long Island area. The “four pillars” of CSDNET’s business comprise networking, server and desktop virtualization,
wireless, and IP surveillance. Perhaps because CSDNET is not married to a particular networking vendor, the company enjoys an outstanding reputation for
quality network implementations.

Strong Partnerships, Product Superiority and World Record Performance

“CSDNET has joined our reseller community because IT practitioners at CSDNET saw for themselves that DataCore brings a lot of added value by enabling users
to do more through the power of Software-Defined Storage,” stated Devi Madhavan, Vice President – Channel Sales and Enablement at DataCore. “The value of
DataCore’s perpetual licensing model is unique in and of itself. But in addition to value, resellers cite DataCore’s technology superiority as another
essential reason for customers to build their storage strategy with DataCore at the heart of everything. There are literally tens of thousands of
real-world scenarios where DataCore customers worldwide mitigate risks and avert downtime by using DataCore storage virtualization software to eliminate
outages slowdowns and virtualization roadblocks associated with disks.”

DataCore knows that “data” is “core” to every enterprise. And increasingly today’s resellers are joining in to sing the praises of DataCore’s cutting-edge
parallel I/O technology
. The fact is that parallel I/O software will empower the industry to build on virtualization and fully utilize the multiple cores deployed today.

As a DataCore Premier Partner, CSDNET recognizes that DataCore’s groundbreaking technology enables greater productivity and further consolidation of server
technology by enabling more applications, VMs and workloads to run on these readily available, multi-core platforms without being bottlenecked by I/O. This
enables mission-critical lines of business applications that are at the heart of every enterprise – such as those based on Microsoft SQL Server, SAP and
Oracle databases – to run non-stop and with the best possible performance for the money.


CSDNET has been delivering quality service and sound solutions since 1991. With expertise in several disciplines, CSDNET can provide the products and
services necessary for a successful Information Technology implementation in current and future multi-platform technology-based work environments. Go to

About DataCore

DataCore, the Data Infrastructure Software company, is the leading provider of Software-Defined Storage and
Adaptive Parallel I/O Software
– harnessing today’s powerful and cost-efficient server platforms with Parallel I/O to overcome the IT industry’s biggest problem, the I/O bottleneck, in
order to deliver unsurpassed performance, hyper-consolidation efficiencies and cost savings. The company’s comprehensive and flexible storage virtualization and hyper-converged virtual SAN solutions free users from the pain of
labor-intensive storage management and provide true independence from solutions that cannot offer a hardware agnostic architecture. DataCore’s
Software-Defined and Parallel I/O powered platforms revolutionize data infrastructure and serve as the cornerstone of the next-generation, software-defined
data center – delivering greater value, industry-best performance, availability and simplicity. Visit or call (877) 780-5111 for more information.


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