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DataCore’s Virtual SAN Solution Brings Business Continuity and a Hyper-Convergence to Major European Chemical Plant

New Software-Defined Storage Infrastructure Enhances Business Continuity, Increases Performance by 500% and Productivity for VMware and Critical
ERP and Oracle Applications for LERG S.A.

Reading and Pustków (Poland) — June 23, 2016 —
, a leading provider of Software-defined Storage and Hyper-converged Virtual SAN solutions, have implemented the DataCore™
Virtual SAN software as part of a Hyper-Converged Data Center solution at LERG S.A., a major European chemical plant based in Poland. Through
implementation of a software-defined infrastructure, the chemical manufacturer is now benefiting from high availability data protection, enhanced
business continuity and improved productivity whilst reducing storage-related expenses by 50% and improving performance by more than 500 per cent.

“The hyper-converged mirrored data center running DataCore Virtual SAN software has enabled us to set up a multi-site business continuity process
which delivered improved performance and far greater productivity. The new infrastructure also provides greater flexibility with high level of
investment protection for our future

.” Adam Bek, Financial Director at LERG S.A.

Headquartered in Pustków (Poland), LERG has nearly 500 employees with annual revenues of over 100 Million Euros supplying customers across 25 countries
around the world, producing and exporting resins and their chemical by-products for their use in a wide range of applications in various industries.
The company has grown steadily in recent years, as has the need to rapidly respond to requests from the expanding customer base. Other business
challenges include maintaining the high quality level of products for which LERG is renown, as well as meeting a variety of EU regulatory requirements,
which were challenging the flexibility, reliability and performance of the existing IT systems.

When the existing hardware reached end of life, LERG’s IT service provider and DataCore partner Komtech introduced the benefits of a hyper-converged
data center solution provided by DataCore’s Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software. The solution Komtech proposed offered high availability with
automated failover that would be stretch clustered between 2 data centers but with a price point so low that LERG originally envisaged that that level
of budget would be needed just to achieve offline replication! Komtech achieved this low costing proposal by providing consolidation savings, achieved
by replacing 5 hardware systems including an external storage array with a single HP Proliant server with internal hard disk drives (HDD) at each data
center site. By reducing the hardware footprint from 5 to 2 systems running DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN, LERG was also able to use the savings
to add Solid State Disk (SSD) directly into the servers. On this reduced hardware platform thanks to the power of software, VMware ESXi 6.0 delivers
virtual machines for Windows applications like Exchange, Web, Domain or File Services as well as supporting their more critical Linux-based ERP systems
which use Oracle data bases.

The DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software adds Enterprise class storage services including synchronous mirroring with auto failover for high
availability and support for business continuity across the “stretched” VMware clusters in an active-active configuration, both providing capacity as
well as performance to the production systems. The DataCore Virtual SAN integrates high speed caching and auto-tiering to improve the performance on
the underlying hard drives and flash-based SSD capacity in a central shared pool of storage. In the back office, administration of the entire system is
under one single management console making it significantly easier for LERG’s IT staff to be more productive. Provisioning new VMs therefore becomes
just a click and it is non-disruptive, as are maintenance tasks, which can now be planned, coordinated and performed by simply switching between nodes,
meaning that no system downtime is needed. The hardware and platform independence of the DataCore solution maximizes purchasing power and investment
protection and it allows more cost-effective capacity growth and performance whenever needed.

In comparison to alternative concepts which were just a refresh, the Komtech’s solution based on DataCore resulted not only in new equipment that
was more productive but for a similar price – we were also able to modernize the IT architecture, consolidate to fewer systems and add more
functionality and performance.“

concluded Adam Bek, Financial Director at LERG S.A.

Benefits in overview

– Multi-site business continuity with Higher reliability/availability

– Faster performance for improved analysis and calculations, too time-consuming before

– Performing maintenance without the need to disrupt the business

– Consolidation savings from fewer physical machines, reduced power consumption and heat output

– Flexible hardware choice and more buying power DataCore effectively reduced storage-related spending/investments by 50%:

– DataCore delivered more than 5x performance improvements.

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About LERG S.A:

LERG S.A., headquartered in Pustków (Poland), is a leading manufacturer within the chemical industry in Poland. The company’s focus is the production
and the export of resins for a wide range of applications in various industries. Their mission is to maintain the highest quality standards across
their range of products and to adapt their portfolio to meet the needs and expectations of customers in both domestic and foreign markets. Established
in 1937, the company has grown currently to nearly 500 employees in Poland, with revenue over 100 Million Euros and customers in 25 countries around
the world.

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