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DataCore Software Unveils Next-Gen Capabilities in SANsymphony and Swarm Storage Offerings

Introducing Adaptive Data Placement - a Major Milestone in Block Storage Evolution - and Extending Object Storage to the Edge through Agile Containerized Deployments

FORT LAUDERDALE, USA – Dec 7th, 2023 – During this year’s IT Press Tour in Madrid, DataCore Software unveiled several technological advancements scheduled to be released in January 2024 with SANsymphony version 10.0 PSP17 and Swarm version 16. Preview versions of these software-defined storage offerings are available today.

The new capability in SANsymphony block storage software, called ‘Adaptive Data Placement’, builds on over two decades of pioneering work in storage virtualization. This industry-unique development addresses critical storage allocation concerns that IT teams have been facing for many years:- 10% of organizational data typically drives 90% of I/O operations; and this 10% is constantly shifting in importance in terms of data access frequency. Keeping the remaining 90% of infrequently accessed data from consuming valuable, high-performance resources poses its own set of challenges. IT admins must often choose between optimizing for performance or capacity, usually at the expense of the other.

Alexander Best, Senior Director of Product Management for DataCore, remarked, “SANsymphony’s Adaptive Data Placement solves these conflicting tradeoffs by strategically combining the benefits of automated data tiering with those of inline deduplication and compression on the same storage volume yielding faster response times for applications accessing their hot data, while shaving costs to store cold data.”

Additionally, the upcoming version of SANsymphony will feature more enhancements, including compressed snapshots and rollbacks which result in better storage economics, and advanced admin settings that simplify and speed up data services management.

“Adaptive Data Placement allows hot data to be stored in regular tier classes, while cold data can be placed in lower tier classes which are capacity-optimized,” says Christian Baldauf, IT Consultant at MightyCare Solutions GmbH. “This is an evolution of the tiering concept and takes auto-tiering to the next level. To my knowledge, no one else currently offers a feature like this.”

With regard to its Swarm object storage platform, popular in core data center deployments, DataCore added a simpler, more flexible, and agile approach with a single-server deployment. This new option is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of Edge workloads. Swarm has been fully containerized and streamlined onto a single server powered by Kubernetes for compact configurations ideally suited for Edge and Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) locations. Swarm’s enterprise-level data services and content management functions effectively satisfy the growing demands of storage and event-driven processing at the Edge.

“This enhancement to Swarm represents a significant leap in our technology’s development,” noted TW Cook, Vice President, Product Development, DataCore Software. “By giving the added option of an agile, single-server deployment, we are not only simplifying the infrastructure but also bringing robust, enterprise-level object storage data services directly to the Edge. Innovations such as these underline our commitment to evolve with the rapidly changing data landscape, ensuring that our customers can store, protect, and process data, regardless of where it is generated.”

Swarm 16 further includes integration with Veritas NetBackup via immutable S3 object locking. This complements similar joint developments with Veeam and Commvault for more robust cyber defense and ransomware resilience.
The IT Press Tour, held in Madrid, provided an ideal platform for these announcements, showcasing DataCore’s commitment to technological progress in the face of ever-changing data challenges. For early access to these cutting-edge capabilities, please contact DataCore to get a preview version.

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