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DataCore Software and VMware ‘Power the Cloud’ for Partners at VMworld 2009

DataCore Solution Providers and Advisors – Including External IT, Interware Systems and The Mirazon Group – Are Using DataCore and VMware to Power Private Clouds.

SAN FRANCISCO— DataCore Software, a leading provider of storage virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery software solutions, today announced that several of its partners that are present at VMworld 2009 are using DataCore storage virtualization in conjunction with VMware Infrastructure to power private computing clouds, tailored individually to meet a specific client’s needs. These partners include External IT, Interware Systems and The Mirazon Group.

DataCore and VMware can “power the cloud” for any enterprise so that they can have access to the power of virtualization – particularly disaster recovery – without having to own the infrastructure themselves.

Cloud Computing Spotlight: DataCore Partner Interware Systems

Interware Systems is a total solutions provider focusing on delivering virtualization solutions. In embracing a cloud computing model to deliver IT services – the firm has to rely on a SAN that is reliable, flexible, powerful and cost-effective. DataCore’s SANsymphony acts as a universal storage controller – enabling the company to get the most out of its storage through a software-based storage virtualization approach.

“Managed service providers have been in the business of disaster recovery for some time – offering co-location sites for data, backup, and recovery, but only now through the cloud and through DataCore storage virtualization technology can this be offered as a ‘pay by the drink’ service,” stated Lak Gill, vice president, Interware Systems. “Our network operating center enables customers to aim their data to it and pay for only the servers they replicate. Moreover, with DataCore, storage can be allocated down to the megabyte, so customers can only pay for the storage they need – and no more.”

External IT Delivers Storage Virtualization into Private Clouds – for Clients and for Resellers

“There are capabilities that DataCore brings to the table that I absolutely love,” explained Joseph Stedler, senior engineer and Dallas data center manager, External IT. “With DataCore, you will experience enormous performance gains. The performance that DataCore delivers is nothing short of awesome.”

External IT, a hosted IT-as-a-service company serving the needs of the small and medium enterprise virtual workforce, has standardized on DataCore’s SANsymphony storage virtualization software to serve as their storage area network (SAN) of choice for its business and thereby for its clients and its reseller partners too. With VMware virtual servers and DataCore storage virtualization, External IT is able to deliver a complete virtualization infrastructure in the form of private computing “clouds,” tailored individually to a specific client’s needs.

“DataCore’s software-based approach to storage virtualization is a fundamental shift – for the better – in terms of SAN technology,” commented Stedler. “The deficiencies that are inherent to traditional, hardware-based SANs are overcome by the flexibility of the DataCore virtual SAN, software-based approach.”

Enabling Cloud Computing – DataCore Partner The Mirazon Group

The Mirazon Group, an IT solutions provider that advises many customers on cloud computing understands the key characteristics customers are looking for in a SAN – reliability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness. According to Barry Martin, partner and chief technical architect, The Mirazon Group, “We are firm believers in DataCore and their approach. Mirazon fundamentally sees software-based storage virtualization as strategic because of the value it provides and because of the flexibility of the solutions virtualization enables our firm to create.”

Added Martin, “Cloud computing platforms demand unprecedented uptime due to server and storage consolidation. DataCore’s High Availability approach provides zero downtime and the ability to ‘walk’ cloud workloads onto new storage hardware as the need arises. This is a tremendous advantage in the eyes of the customer.”

See these DataCore partners at VMworld 2009

Stop by the DataCore booth (#1738) to meet these and other partners at VMworld 2009. VMworld 2009 runs August 31st – September 3rd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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