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DataCore Software to LeftHand Networks’ Resellers: “We Want You!”

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Amidst Uncertainty Following LeftHand’s Acquisition by HP, DataCore Offers Resellers Attractive Program to “Step Up to DataCore”

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – October 6, 2008 – DataCore Software announced today its new “Step Up to DataCore” program for LeftHand Networks’ resellers. The program, which includes discounted software and extra margin rebates, is dedicated to helping LeftHand resellers become successful DataCore partners. DataCore believes the uncertainty surrounding LeftHand’s loss of independence is an opportune moment for LeftHand resellers to seriously consider stepping up to the better performance and scalability of the DataCore product line to differentiate their solution offerings from those of the herd. The company now stands as the only independent storage software vendor serving the virtualization market.

“HP is a terrific company,” said James Price, vice president of product and channel Marketing, DataCore Software. “However, many LeftHand resellers, like our own partners, differentiate themselves from the competition by tailoring their solutions to the specific needs and budgets of their customers. Freedom from hardware tie-ins is critical to delivering these solutions.”

DataCore software can plug in anywhere that LeftHand appliances are in place. Partners can upgrade their customers from LeftHand to DataCore without additional hardware investment by installing it on the LeftHand appliance hardware.

“Step Up” Discounts, Incentives and Transition Tutorials

In an effort to aid VARs impacted by LeftHand’s acquisition, DataCore will offer discounted software and extra margin rebates to VARs that register and upgrade their LeftHand customers to DataCore. Resellers will benefit from the additional opportunities of DataCore’s partner program, technical guidance and cookbooks tutorials to simplify the transition from LeftHand appliances.

Certified Compatibility

DataCore’s commitment to industry standards and compatibility assures resellers and customers through its multi-vendor “Ready Logo” certifications.  Delivering complete iSCSI and Fiber Channel storage backed by “VMware Ready”, “Windows Ready” and “Citrix Ready” certifications.

Focused on Virtualization

LeftHand’s entry-level storage appliances have provided customers with their first taste of storage virtualization. Customers quickly realize the larger value comes from leveraging the same technologies across all their storage assets. DataCore Software provides the only comprehensive storage device support with universal storage virtualization features.

“The DataCore product line is ideally suited for VMware and other virtualization infrastructure products,” said Price. “We stand alone in providing true high-availability with auto failover and auto failback solutions that are perfect for virtualization customers.”

Step Up to DataCore: Join DataCore’s Worldwide Partner Network and Offer Your Customers Superior Interoperability, Scalability and Performance

As a DataCore partner, you can:

         Build on Your LeftHand Investment – Remove Customer Concerns Over Dead-end Purchases

Run DataCore on the LeftHand appliance hardware. DataCore is hardware and network independent, eliminating the usual concerns about obsolescence.  In addition, VARs can leverage DataCore’s unique “Carry-forward” Value Protection Program that allows for “no penalty” upgrades.

         Add the Performance Advantage to Your Arsenal

Designed for performance, DataCore’s high-speed caching harnesses the CPU and memory resources untapped by the original LeftHand SAN/iQ software, enabling customers to get up to 4x the throughput from the same hardware platform. Link:

         Enhance Scalability & Network Flexibility

The acquisition of LeftHand may make customers hesitant to add more LeftHand hardware or they may be considering Fibre Channel-based storage (not available from LeftHand) for more intensive workloads. Fibre Channel support, including the latest 8Gbps standard, is currently available from DataCore.

         Deliver Uncompromised High-Availability for Fail-safe Solutions

High-availability is the new standard by which storage platforms are measured.  DataCore offers LeftHand resellers an opportunity to deliver the industry’s highest level of storage availability for customers from the SMB to the Enterprise.

Join Now

DataCore invites LeftHand resellers to join its network of partners serving thousands of customers worldwide.

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